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    Just recently my 1520 has started behaving very odd with regards to charging.

    If, on occasion, the phone does recognise that you have plugged in the charger then it will begin charging. However, at some random time later it will stop charging. Then you will hear a small vibration, just like you get when you plug the charger in (to acknowledge the charger) and it will begin charging again. Often, this will happen numerous times in quick succession, like you are repeatedly unplugging and replugging in the charger like an *****, except its the phone deciding to acknowledge.re-acknowledge the charger.

    Additionally, when it does charge for longer periods of time instead of the charging rate climbing linearly to the usual maximum of about 25%/hr and then remaining there until full (this is checked with a battery monitor app called battery and this is how it used to behave when I first got it) it is very erratic, spiking up or down between different charging rates seemingly at random.

    On a few occasions now the phone appears to actually discharge by 3-5% shortly after plugging in, before it begins to re-charge. That one is baffling I have to say.

    This is the second 1520 I have had after my first had terrible screen backlighting issues. This one now seems to have charging issues. The phone doesn't charge at all in the car using a 1A cig-lighter to USB plug so I don't bother anymore (not that I use it at all frequently in the car). Also has the annoying screen touch issue where it records scrolls as taps.

    Never had issues like this with a phone for a long time. I had Apple phones from 3G through to 5 and not a single one put a foot wrong. These Nokia phones don't seem to possess the same level of engineering or quality and my patience is wearing thin. Not a great first WinPhone experience it has to be said.

    Anyone got any ideas what could be causing my charging problems and what I could try do about it? I am thinking of using a slightly more stout charger to see if thats the issue, the iPad charger is 0.5A stronger and its a much bigger, more robust looking thing. The Nokia 1.5A charger seems rather too lightweight. I may also try signing up to the dev preview and get Windows Phone 8,1 on there (They are taking far too long with that, why announce in early spring only to not actually be ready at all>?) and see if that has any affect.
    04-20-2014 08:47 AM
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    I've read a few other posts citing similar issues, and the common thread seems to be low quality chargers. Some go as far as to say you have to use the USB cable and charging adapter that come with your device (when not charging wirelessly). Not sure if you fall into this category but lets hope the solution is a simple one. Unfortunately I think once the device gets affected by these chargers I don't think there's any going back. You might need to exchange it a second time and then only use prescribed charging.

    Nokia has built a solid reputation for quality that spans well over a decade, so it is surprising to see some of these 1520 issues. My experience with Apple screamed anything but quality (couldn't stand it really), so I guess it's down to personal experiences/preferences.
    04-20-2014 01:34 PM
  3. Alex Mason86's Avatar

    there is a screen shot, at the point the Nokia charger was plugged in (the only charger outside of the 2 times I have used an in-car one) the phone discharged, then began charging with this erratic charge rate. I had to intervene once as it had stopped charging and would no longer recognise the charger being connected. After the second time it just stopped, I switched to an iPad charger (in yellow) and so far, normal service is resumed. As you can see, nice linear ramp up to a plateau of 15%/hr, some 10% down on what I normally saw with the Nokia charger, but I don't care so long as its predictably going to charge.

    Perhaps the nokia charger is simply being over driven or running too close to its limits? Normally it would power along at around 25%/hr.

    Re apple... never had a problem, every handset has been perfect. Charged by supplied charger, iPad charger, airport chargers, USB ports, 12V socket adapters in the car. All perfect. I refuse to believe for a second that Nokia has designed a device so finicky you have to use only their (probably generic) 5V USB charger and do the kind of silly things described on some other battery threads here about not charging over night and removing the charger every 3 hours. Sorry, those kinds of things do not compute in todays world and I would expect Nokia would think the same.
    04-20-2014 01:58 PM
  4. Alex Mason86's Avatar
    bump to see if anyone else has any input now easter is over
    04-22-2014 12:45 PM

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