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    My 1520 shows 3.65GB of maps I done have loaded, so how do I clear it if I can't find it?

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    04-23-2014 01:10 PM
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    04-23-2014 01:12 PM
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    New picture

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    04-23-2014 01:13 PM
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    So I guess k=no one knows how to rid myself of the 3.65GB that are not there. Hmm guess I will leave it alone, as I have plenty of room. Maybe I will redownload the maps again and just leave it there
    04-24-2014 06:35 AM
  5. NoRomBasic's Avatar
    I Don't know how relevant it is but it seems like too much of a coincidence that it is showing 3.65GB used which is the exact same amount as if you had downloaded all of the US:

    There is an option to "Delete All Maps". Have you tried that?

    04-24-2014 11:55 AM
  6. oditius's Avatar
    I know I did, and it still shows it. I might try a hard reset, but that will be when I have hours to play with it and put it back.
    04-24-2014 01:31 PM
  7. NoRomBasic's Avatar
    I'll admit all I have are WAGs (Wild A$$ Guesses)

    If you have an SD Card you could try moving the Drive App to it and see what happens.

    You could try uninstalling Drive and Maps, clearing all temp files and reinstalling.

    You could re-download the entire US Map set and then try delete all maps again.

    Or you could do a hard-reset...
    04-24-2014 01:52 PM
  8. oditius's Avatar
    I have tried everything but the last. I will probably go that route next week as I cannot spend the time to restore everything (I miss Windows mobile 6.5) this week.
    04-24-2014 06:32 PM
  9. Guytronic's Avatar
    Bring up Lumia storage check if you have it:


    Use the above screen in "Lumia Storage check"
    To get rid of maps on the phone.
    Does this help any?
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    04-24-2014 07:58 PM
  10. oditius's Avatar
    Ok, I see what I did, when I used that app to move to SD, I hadn't deleted the map on the phone. And the program itself saw it. I changed it to save to phone and I was able to find the maps and delete them. Thanks
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    04-24-2014 10:27 PM

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