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    Dear all,

    I used a 1020 for the last year or so, with great pleasure. It was fast, the camera is epic... The screen was just too small. The decision to upgrade to the 1520 was thus easily made. I've been using the phone for a week and I like how speedy the OS is, the camera is decent, I make a ton less mistakes when I type, but the connectivity, the main reason to have a phone, sucks. It switches between GPRS, EDGE, 3G, H, H+ and sometimes 4G. It could be easily attributed to a dodgy network, but it frankly can't since I have my 1020 lying side by side, and that phone gets 4G all the time. My old Galaxy Note 2 had H+ all time as well (both at home and at work).

    I didn't recut a microsim to make it a nano: I got the nanosim from my provider.

    I tried a soft reset and a hard reset.

    I'm on the dutch Vodafone network.

    When I go to Extra's + Info I see that i have a model 1520.1, type RM937.

    The issues I'm having, could that be because of the model or type? Do I require a 'newer' nano sim? Or is the phone itself simply a dodgy, crappy phone for some reason?
    07-06-2014 06:09 AM
  2. multo's Avatar
    Could be a phone issue. My first showed the same symptoms and I called nokia then the usual process and they changed my unit. The replacement has been working well for 6 months now

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
    07-06-2014 06:52 AM
  3. sam1374's Avatar
    Hi I am from Goa that's a place in India...since the time I have bought Lumia 1520, I am having the same issue. I had a lg g2 prior to this and I never had an issue...so its the phone issue.
    07-06-2014 07:08 AM
  4. Al4video's Avatar
    I'm in the U.S. , San Diego to be exact. My 1520 on Tmobile shows 2 or 3 bars of LTE most of the times. My girlfriends HTC shows 4 or 5 bars all the time.

    But the amount of bars has not affected my call experience. I remember having the same issue on AT&T years ago and they told me those bars don't mean as much as you would think. Unless it's affecting call quality I don't worry about it.
    07-07-2014 12:30 PM

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