1. wprocks's Avatar
    I have AT&T 1520 16GB version unlocked and being used on T-Mobile. I have DVP8.1 running on it and updated fully till the last DVP release. I recently went to India and used my phone for a month. Did use T-Mobile roaming unlimited data and had no issues.

    Since I have came back to US I noticed my phone is going nuts. All of a sudden it pops up Speech input dialog. The bottom action bars in the application goes crazy and starts flickring or popping up and showing menu's below.
    Most of the time it suddenly goes in the multi-tasking screen and gets stuck or loses touch sensitivity altogether until I press power button to turn the screen off. couple of times it was hung so I had to soft reset the same.

    I also noticed that it shows my SD card is 32Gig when it is 64GB card. I do have some apps installed on the SD card.

    It is already at a stage where I need to perform a hard reset. I was holding on to that hoping MSFT will release the cyan and final version of 8.1. Looks like sun is not rising on that front anytime soon.

    Has anybody experienced anything like this?
    07-10-2014 05:20 PM
  2. Throw Back's Avatar
    My phone has been doing that since the May update. I'm using a 520 now. Hard reset does not stop the problem. Recovery tool did not do the job either.
    07-10-2014 05:40 PM
  3. RayWP7's Avatar
    Hi, yes. People have reported these types of problems on 1520 since they installed DVP8.1. It doesn't appear entirely ubiquitous. Based on my personal experience, I think it is related to the DVP8.1 but only after some threshold of an unknown factor /quantity is met. If I hard reset my phone, the phone returns to normal sanity (i.e. being a great phone). But this state only lasts for a few days at least and up to a few weeks. After substantial use of my phone over a period of time, the phone starts to go nuts. Particularly when I'm playing games, have a USB cable connected to it, holding it in an orientation other than directly vertical and upright. I performed a hard reset the other day, and now I cannot wake the phone and use the device after getting to start screen WITHOUT turning screen off and waking again. Then immediate use is possible.

    My significant other has also installed the DVP8.1 and my kid brother has a Lumia920 with DVP8.1 and they both experience similar issues but not until after a period of time has elapsed post upgrade.

    My best guess now is that Nokia Cyan update has something the OS is expecting and until that is released we won't know what the hell is going on.

    I'm not mad, but I am disappointed. This feels like BETA software when in fact it isn't (or so we're told). My expectations were that this would be stable even without required firmware update.

    Can I hard reset without installing DVP8.1? Sure I can. But I honestly LOVE the swipe keyboard and am willing to endure a few more weeks for firmware and/or just buying a new phone with both already equipped. My 1520 is kind of big, anyway HAHA.

    Good luck!
    07-10-2014 05:57 PM

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