08-31-2017 09:38 AM
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  1. henkepalmquist's Avatar
    How did you get it to work in Windows 8.1 ? I have Windows 8.1 Pro Update w/Media Center x64 on my pc. The latest version of Nokia Software Recovery Tool 1.4.3 open's up on my pc. However, it can't detecy my Nokia Lumia 521, even though Windows 8.1 does.
    Look at post #26, and follow the instructions.

    Go to Control panel then go to device mng.
    Or type in "device manager" in windows search and open the program.
    07-27-2014 05:26 AM
  2. henkepalmquist's Avatar
    I cancelled it because every time I connect my phone, it won't recognize it because it's turned off then the recovery tool will give instructions to push those two buttons but my phone wouldn't vibrate at all.
    You have to hold the buttons pressed for 5-15 sec or so.

    But if it went to 1% then i don't know.
    Do you have a SD card in the phone? If so TAKE it OUT during the downgrade, It can mess with the usb connection and readability of the phone.
    07-27-2014 05:35 AM
  3. PFI-Guy's Avatar
    After downloading the Nokia Software Recovery Tool and suffering through a painfully slow download (even with a 50 Mbits Comcast Business Account), I tried several times to restore with 2 or 3 different failure messages.

    Got "Phone cannot be restored" and "Phone flashing has been canceled" and forgot the third message.

    Finally got the downgrade to install, then applied the AT&T update and restored the backup.

    I followed the various steps from the different threads, but had to do a modified series of steps.

    1. Backup the phone to your Microsoft OneDrive account. (Even make a local backup of all the folders you can access from your computer while the phone is connected via USB).
    2. Delete the backup from the phone Settings>>Backup>>Apps+Settings and then back it up again to your Microsoft account.
    3. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
    4. Hard reset the phone (but DO NOT restore nor connect to your Microsoft account).
    5 While waiting for the hard reset, uninstall the Nokia Software Recovery Tool (and other Nokia software) from your computer. After it is uninstalled, delete the Nokia folder under the ProgramData folder. (I also uninstalled the Windows Phone software from the same computer). REBOOT.
    6. Once the phone is done from the hard reset (DO NOT connect it to your Microsoft account or restore the back), power it down and remove both the SIM and the SD Card.
    7. Before re-installing the Nokia software, power the phone on and connect it to the computer. If the computer asks what to do when it sees the phone, select "Do Nothing".
    8. Disconnect the phone and install the Nokia Software (right click on the install file and select 'Run as Administrator').
    9. Once the Recovery Tool is installed, run it and follow the prompts.
    10. If the install succeeds, it will reboot the phone. You will get a 'SIM ERROR', because neither the SIM card nor the SD Card is installed.
    11. Go through the setup questions, but do not connect to your Microsoft account or restore.
    12. Power down, put the SIM card in and power it up.
    13. Go through the 2 to 4 updates from the Settings>>Phone Updates (including all the reboots).
    14. When the Phone Updates say there are no more updates available, power down and install your SD Card.
    15. Power up, answer any questions and then do a hard reset.
    16. During the install setup, make sure to connect to your WiFi and sign in to your Microsoft account. Select restore your data.

    Make sure to have a full battery and only during the final restore keep it plugged in.

    This is from someone who has a 521, 630, 920, 925 and 1520 (plus a 2520).
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    07-27-2014 01:41 PM
  4. maclancer's Avatar
    I used Nokia Software Updater for Retail in Windows and Downgrade it without problem.
    07-27-2014 01:43 PM
  5. Vyenkatesh's Avatar
    This could be a Out Of Topic Question.
    What is the difference between NokiaSoftwareRecoveryToolInstaller and NokiaSoftwareUpdaterForRetail_4.1.0
    Are these 2 programs different?. I have downloaded both not sure which is one does what.
    07-28-2014 02:15 AM
  6. shreyas ks's Avatar
    same problem with my lumia 620
    08-24-2014 12:58 AM
  7. Manoo16's Avatar
    boss did u rectifyed that downloading problem in nokia software recovery tool
    08-24-2014 11:31 PM
  8. KhawarNadeem's Avatar
    To anyone who is facing the "could not read data from selected phone" problem... Close Nokia Software Recovery Tool. Open Task Manager, go into the Services Tab, make sure the "Service Layer" service is enabled/running and not stopped. Then try again.
    09-03-2014 02:17 PM
  9. Arthurmark's Avatar
    My Nokia Recovery Software always restarts from 0% after it has finished downloading the firmware to 100%.
    don't know what to do next
    09-06-2014 04:48 AM
  10. Rednedo7's Avatar
    My antivirus is flagging the Nokia recovery software tool as a dangerous file and won't download to my pc strange goings on
    09-06-2014 04:52 AM
  11. macpython's Avatar
    am on my 3rd attempt also full download still not working am wasting my data and money, did u get to solve the problem let me know how
    11-17-2014 06:47 PM
  12. Dania Mohammad's Avatar
    i did .. but it doesn't work yet ! :(
    06-21-2015 04:24 AM
  13. Prem Manikandan's Avatar
    lumia recovery tool is not working ... help me bro ....
    06-29-2015 01:32 PM
  14. 6405421's Avatar
    Bhai my phone is not connecting to software. What shoud i do???
    08-31-2017 09:38 AM
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