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    I just want to share my recent experiences with Nokia Care in Hong Kong

    I have a Lumia 1520 and before that I had a Lumia 720, a 620 and a 800. And even before that I had a N97Mini.
    As much I love the build quality of Nokia phones, I strongly believe they should implement a QC check at the end of their production line.
    My N97 Mini had all sort of issues both software and hardware went to Nokia Care 3 times within the warranty period.
    My Lumia 800 had a battery issue and a screen issue, went 2 times during warranty period.
    My Lumia 620 had no problems (but I kept it 6 months only)
    My Lumia 720 had issues with SD cards and buttons being triggered by themselves, didn't bother to go to Nokia Care since the problems were widely known and most likely there is no cure for this. Instead I traded for a Lumia 1520.
    In the mean time I also bought an Ipad1 (in 2010) which still works pretty much as day 1 today...

    Why buy another Lumia after so many issues? Because Nokia Care in HK had an amazing service. They would repair your phone within 1 hour or less no matter what the problem was. The problem is that service is now history...

    My 1520 has a display defect that is clearly a production issue, I could live with it so I decided to wait until other problems arise before going to Nokia care. I did that in July and their policy for after sale service is now something like, we do not hold spare parts for our phones anymore we need 3 days to repair your phone. While 3 days to repair is acceptable the needed 3 weeks to order the display which I find totally ridiculous especially that if you tour around in HK in the right place it will take you 5 minute to find any spare part for any phone (And Nokia HK happens to be located exactly in that area). Of course if you call them they tell you they will call back but they do not. The only way I managed to get Nokia's attention is by posting a public post on their FB page.

    There is a lot to like in Nokia phones (and also in WP which I much prefer to Android or IOS) but the quality of their products is highly questionable and without proper after sale service I am not so sure I would go for a Nokia again. And if I buy another brand I buy another OS because there is no other brand that produces decent WP.

    Anyone experienced the same problems as me? (from HK or elsewhere)
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    08-13-2014 05:33 AM
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    Whoa. You actually have decent customer service from Nokia?

    Well, this has always been the case here in the Philippines. Display repairs are ridiculously expensive, though, and I imagine Microsoft Mobile has been cutting costs lately, so I understand.

    I wish you good fortune, then, with your phone.
    08-13-2014 05:55 AM
  3. igorhk's Avatar
    Well we use to have more than decent customer service but 3 weeks wait for a part isn't acceptable.
    I guess my phone will be alright once repaired but I am not so motivated anymore to buy a Nokia next time I buy a phone...
    08-13-2014 06:16 AM
  4. igorhk's Avatar
    Here is what happened after they finally got the part. I took the phone back to Nokia Care for them to repair my lcd and at the same time i told them i had few issues with the proximity sensor and the cellular data. Ingot the phone back 3 days after. LCD fixed, perfect. They told me they changed the motherboard as well which at first i thought was a good thing. The problem is that after they changed the mobo the phone started to freeze and/or reboot as soon as it was inside my pocket. I went back to Nokia care the same day i picked up the phone and they flashed the software again. Kept the phone for 36 hours it froze like 15-20 times during that time. Took it back again to Nokia care now they will keep my phone for as long as they need to... at least 2 weeks anyway... because they want to change the body now (and of course they don't have the part in stock) and maybe they will change the mobo again.

    I wonder how much my phone repair has cost them but surely it would have cost them less to just give me a new one. This is all a bit extreme but it really is a disaster the way they handle after sale service in Nokia nowadays. In the mean time i use a Sony Ericsson android phone (x10 mini pro) that is like 3 years old and generally a bad phone but at least it still works...
    08-24-2014 08:55 PM

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