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    I have been looking for a post about 1520 display brightness information. I have tried looking for similar post but was unsuccessful.

    Recently I upgraded my L1520 to WP8.1, and only since then, every time I exposed my phone under the sun, the brightness level (which I set to automatic) kicked in, which is what was expected.

    However, upon returning back to a shaded area (inside the house) the brightness level was still on "high". It did not return back to normal. I use automatic brightness because very so often I go out on location outside, so it was convenient to have that setting.

    I had to lock screen a couple of times then it would return to normal brightness.

    Anybody had similar problems and any way to mitigate them (besides changing the brightness level). Would really appreciate your assist.
    08-25-2014 11:48 PM

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