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    I bought my 1520 last year and here are my thoughts. Because of its processor and camera, I am not compelled to upgrade to any current WP release. Well, an upgrade maybe the HTC One but the processor have little in difference and the camera is a very big letdown for me, especially that I utilize RAW images when editing them in Adobe Camera Raw.

    Compared to most Android users who feel the need to upgrade almost yearly (because of lack of updates and because of ****ty marketers like Samsung who compel you to buy phones with unnecessary features like QHD screen), I think WP is similar to iPhones, but not very similar since WP 7 users were stuck in the transition.

    Its battery is still very sufficient, but take note thay I am very careful with it (though the FB Messenger app really is a battery hog). I refrain from using it while it is being charged.

    Unlike my other Android phone, I didn't feel the need to apply a case for it because it only adds bulk. And compared to my other phone, I rarely drop the 1520. But I had the misfortunate moment to drop it on asphalt which left scars on thr camera's plastic rim and a couple on the lens.

    WP OS surely is fascinating, and I have high hopes for Windows 10. You guys, what are your thoughts for the long-term use of a Windows Phone?
    10-14-2014 08:16 PM
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    Nice article :) well.... I spent years on budget android and got sick of "force closure" due to low memory... I went to Carphone warehouse and saw a 520... I have never ever heard of a windows phone...all I knew back then was apple, android and blackberry. I didn't go home to research it and didn't even ask for a demo. Why? Because I knew if I bought it THEN I WOULD HAVE TO USE IT :-) so I bought the 520, loved it...got dropped a few times from waist height and no probe...then one day.. On the bog...fell out my pocket at ankle height and screen shattered....so I was upset.....but also happy....now I love windows phone I decided to go for the top of the range 1520 (buy now pay 12 months later credit) I was drunk... I was happy... I nearly ordered the 1020 lol but now I have the 1520.... I LOVE IT....in fact I love it so much I will buy an xbox one (on credit of course) lol
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    10-14-2014 08:27 PM

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