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    I've encountered a brand new issue that's occurred now for 3 days. My phone was found extremely hot a few days ago and battery was draining almost 10% per minute or 2. I immediately powered it off to cool down. Every since then my phone heats up very quickly and very hot after only a few minutes of basic use. Similarly as if I'd been playing a very graphic intensive game for a 20-30 min session.

    This is definitely not normal. In fact, when I do try to play a game within seconds it begins to lag or freeze which I can only assume because it's heated up so much and so quickly.

    I tried adjusting some settings for battery, background tasks and other things but nothing has helped. I even went as far as a factory reset last night but it's right back to the same behavior.

    I kinda feel like I'm SOL here. I've had my 1520 for exactly 11 months and I'm a heavy user so it's likely met it's time. But my question is for anyone that knows, is there any ability to me to swap to a new phone under Nokia warranty? Problem is I live in Canada and the L1520 is offered here meaning I don't see Nokia Canada doing anything for me even if I still have warranty. I have the RM-937 but if Nokia US can do something I'd be okay with sending in to them.

    Any suggestions? I'd prefer to not buy a replacement considering I feel like a new flagship may only be months away from being announced.
    11-11-2014 11:00 PM
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    The fact that you have 300+ post means you're a somewhat experienced user, so im guessing you already did this, but I'll recommend it anyways.
    Did you try to uninstall any apps you might have recently purchased? I remember the new widget like app from MS garage gave me a similar problem, because it was mostly running in the background.. Also try actually closing off any apps that you're not using. Eventually you could consider hard resetting or the NSU, but we're not there yet lol
    11-12-2014 12:29 AM
  3. Lundon44's Avatar
    Yes, I've tried all the solutions you presented. Originally Skype seemed to be the culprit as in Battery Saver it showed Skype with a full bar under battery usage. But I did a full factory reset and the issue is still present. This tells me it's a hardward issue.

    So now my concerns are do I re-buy the same phone? Do I live with the overheating issue in case MS announces a new flagship sooner than later? I don't want to drop $500 again on this phone for them to announce a new flagship in the next few months.
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    11-12-2014 11:20 AM
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    My Nokia Lumia 1520 overheats when I play Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Spider). It seems odd, realizing that the game doesn't present a lot of action or graphically-intense computing. Within a minute of starting a game session, I can feel the start of the uncomfortable heat on the right side of the back camera lens.
    11-12-2014 03:15 PM
  5. ven07's Avatar
    Seeing that MS hasn't launched any high-end phones yet, I doubt we'll see any soon. The latest would be mid 2015 to late 2015, because W10 will launch around that time. It wouldn't make much sense to launch a W10 phone now.

    (speculation) However MS could easily launch a high-end phone now that has the right specs so that they can simply push out an update when the time is right. The call for a high-end phone has been quite vocal lately and it's really strange that MS isn't willing to give us anything...
    11-12-2014 04:37 PM

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