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    Anyone due for an upgrade on ATT the 1520 is selling for $99 on Amazon. If you select the "new contract" option however the price will drop to $49! I confirmed with ATT that when I receive the phone they could just port over my number instead having a new number; they said of course!

    The 1520 is huge yes, but I cant help but think that I'll benefit from using the beast in that I wont have easy access to my phone every second!
    The phone being bulky and not being able to be carried in my pocket (comfortably at least) will force me to look up more and not be so glued to a device. Also, I'll appreciate it more when it is accessible. I'm looking forward to the win/win situation of getting an awesome phone and not being "one of those people" who checks their phone in every phase of life.

    Any 1520 users feel like they've benefited in this way by having a larger phone?
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    I hope you like your 1520. A lot of people have gotten used to the size and like it. Hopefully it will work out well for you.

    What device do you have currently?
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    11-13-2014 01:08 AM

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