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    So 15 months ago I bought a Lumia 920, upgraded from a Htc Titan (long time windows mobile/phone fan). I'm very satisfied with my purchase and overall performance of the 920. It's quite speedy with decent specs, even now, 2 whole years after launch. I consider it the galaxy s2 of WP!! If rumors are to be believed, it's going to get w(p)10 and continue to get updates through out 2015 (my opinion), so it's like buying an iCrap from a support and "update -ability"s perspective.
    I'm very pleased with the daily performance, and I can use all the latest and greatest apps and features, though I'm not an avid mobile gamer. (ok, I admit it, the only thing I miss sometimes is Miracast support!!)
    I consider myself a power user, at least I'm the "heaviest" user I know, friends and family included. That point brings me to the reason for this post. Battery life!! I'm running the latest (of course) dev preview, and my battery life is, at best, horrible. My daily routine demands me to be out an' about, so no wifi for me!! :( Most days I have to only listen to music (local, not streaming) and a few minutes of light browsing in order to get through noon. We are talking minutes of use, not hours!!
    As a good boy that I am :P, I use an app to track my usage and consumption, an by just listening to music, with the screen off, I consistently hit ~20% drainage PER HOUR!! The other day, I was just browsing twitter, and nothing else was open in the background, and the battery tracker popped up a notification that my battery consumption exceeded 15%/hour. Ok, I thought, normal behavior, and out of curiosity I opened the app, just to see the exact number. To my surprise, it logged 55%/hour!! WTF?? 55% for just twitter?? What it would do if I played a game like halo?? Instantly run out of juice??
    Some days I manage 4-5 hours of "use", before the handset dying on me!! THAT'S NOT NORMAL PEOPLE!! hey Nokia /MS, are you listening??
    Ok, I think you get it now...
    So I'm saving up to get a new WP, what should I get?? Currently I'm torn between the 1520 & 930. I really like the latter overall, but the battery in that thing is only 2400mAh, I'm afraid that it's gonna be the same as my 920!!
    On the other hand the 1520 is really huge, and I don't like that. I've used it for about a week when it launched, but more as a tablet than a phone.
    Whatever I did to that "phone" I couldn't get it to run out of juice in a day, and I tried everything: gaming, YouTube,heavy multitasking, heavy browsing, local video playback, everything. That was with wp8.0 update 3, but I don't think it would have change that much with the latest n greatest dp!! And that's the only reason I want to get the 1520, that is otherwise identical to the 930...
    Don't get me wrong, the 930 is great and all, but that battery, and some other features that it's lacking (glance anyone??) break the deal for me.
    Having said all the above, i can get both phones for around 360-370 each, so there is no real price difference.
    What I want to do, is to share with me your experiences. Do you have a 1520?? How do you cope with the size, has in any way bothered you (size wise)??
    Do you have a 930, and upgraded from a 920?? How much different is your battery life??
    Do you think I should just suck it up until wp10 come out, and then decide?? It would be at least another 8-10 months till they launch something decent (SD 805,...) and wait for the price to drop to ~400
    I'd like to get the One, but it's not (yet) available in my country (Greece) or Europe for that matter!!
    I'm ok with the performance of my 920, and if it wasn't for the terrible battery (actually, the terrible efficiency of the aged CPU!!), I'd hold to it for a few more months, since my ideal phone is the 1030, with sd805, 3gb ram, 1080p/1440p screen <5.5 inches, massive battery, you get the idea!! I want a droid turbo with WP, and made by Nokia!!
    11-23-2014 02:28 PM
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    I have a 920, almost the exact same age as yours and I can say your battery life is not normal by any stretch.

    First thing I would do before thinking about purchasing a new phone is hard reset/factory resetting your phone.
    When the 8.1 Developer Preview first came out, my battery life was pret-ty darn bad, although I don't think it ever sank to your level. A hard reset kicked up my battery life to a more tolerable 10 hours. and a while down the road I decide to erase my phone after the Cyan update for the sake of house cleaning and such.

    My battery life today is about 14-18 hours, and on a bad day, maybe 12, depending on usage of course. (Sometimes I do a couple hours of web browsing over cellular, which can eat battery. Other times I tether or just have the screen on for an extended period of time when playing music.)
    I run it on 3G because being on a different variant's ROM did a number on my LTE radio and I don't want to bother fixing it for now.

    And of course, check out the settings related to power, like unpinning Cortana (made a difference to me once, but not anymore) or the more obvious things like brightness, wireless settings, etc.
    11-23-2014 02:53 PM
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    though I have quite some time to hard reset my phone, I don't think that's gonna solve my problems. When i'm connected to wifi, the handset runs cool and the consumption is <10% in normal use, and certainly <20% in heavier use. I don't have any problem getting about 14-15 hours, with same usage as 3G. The problem is that the CPU (S4 Plus) is really inefficient. I notice, that if I open an app and the drainage reaches e.g. 25% and then close said app, and put the phone in stand buy and open it again in 1-2 minutes, the drainage percentage would be lower, but only 1-2% points, to 20-22%. In a case like that, an efficient CPU should be max at 5-6% after waking the device!!
    By now, i'm used to plug in 2 times a day, and some times I manage to plug it in a third if I have a really long day!! the only solution I see is to attach a car battery to the 920, which would be ok, if I'm going about in my car all day, but that's not the case!! :p
    Maybe I can manage 14-15 hours daily, if I tinker with my set up, turning off cellular data, disabling push notification for most of the apps and email accounts, and overall using the phone less, but that's not the point. I might as well get a Nokia 3310, and charge it once a week (wooohoooo, snake!!) :p
    that's why i'm debating a purchase. Neither 1520 nor 930 is to my preference, but they're the best choice right now (until the holidays, at least!!), maybe in CES or MWC we'll a worthy successor to the 1020, or a better 930 (935??!?!) that deserve my (and your) hard earned money!!
    11-23-2014 05:55 PM

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