01-20-2015 08:43 PM
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  1. Shawn Of Belgrado's Avatar
    ow yess the step counter is awesome!!
    01-15-2015 04:33 AM
  2. agentmikeyd99's Avatar
    ow yess the step counter is awesome!!
    Is that what Motion Data in Settings is for?
    01-18-2015 01:02 AM
  3. heickelrrx's Avatar
    I'm strongly recommend 1520 over 1020. 1020 is nice but 1520 way better devices. The camera may not as good as 1020 but there are quite few reason for that

    1st 1520 got newest chipset on Lumia. So they perform faster than 1020 it also got hey Cortana features later.

    2nd 1520 take full advantage over denim firmware. While all devices got denim later 1520 got additional feature on the camera with denim update, while 1020 denim only contains OS update and driver update that necessary to run updated OS.

    3rd 1520 got SD card slot. It means that you can store your taken photo that tweaked by denim firmware in SD card. While 1020 only get 32 internal memory

    So that's 3 big reason choosing 1520 over 1020. By the way denim firmware boost camera capabilities so the photo taken using 1520 is comparable and sometimes even better than 1020
    01-18-2015 01:11 AM
  4. agentmikeyd99's Avatar
    As in my previous posts, I am so pleased with the 1520 as compared to my 1020. I also recently noticed a couple more cool differences.

    When texting a video, the "processing" speed is incredibly faster on the 1520. It takes about 3 times longer on the 1020 to "process" the video to be sent.

    Also, I am liking the 1520's camera better than the 1020. There is an incredible speed difference for both loading the app and snapping the shots (and this will get even better w Denim!). Also the 1520 has much more accurate colors both indoor and out- for example, a bright green baby pool was captured so much more accurately on the 1520; on the 1020 the color was way too bright and no where close to the "real" color. And no more yellowish haze on indoor photos!

    Loving my beast more and more everyday!
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    01-20-2015 08:43 PM
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