1. vestasan's Avatar
    Hello. I recently had a walk around my city, and my friend had Z3 compact. We made couple of low light shots and here is what I found.
    1. Very often my photos are not in focus.
    2. My photos have much more noise especially in close up shots, no flash.
    3. Even indoors, in a bar with ok lights, my photos were worse, even compared with iphone 4s!!!
    Why is that? Is it something wrong with my camera? My phone is about 9 month old, never dropped, camera with no scratches. Lumia cyan with latest updates installed. Will denim improve it? Cause its really not very good.
    01-07-2015 01:33 AM
  2. Shobin Drogan's Avatar
    Yes denim will most likely solve all the problems, for the time being, you might need to manually adjust the iso levels or try using a different camera app instead.
    01-07-2015 04:27 AM
  3. vestasan's Avatar
    I see. Hopefully update comes sooner rather then later. I love my phone and I love to take pictures, but camera is killing me. Sometimes, you just want to take some quick photos, no time for manually adjustments.
    01-07-2015 05:07 AM
  4. aaron j's Avatar
    Honestly I found its hdr photos that on those phones make the difference.. Its perfect for happy snaps etc, Why the hell its not a factory default on nokias which are all about the photos has me stumped!
    vestasan likes this.
    01-07-2015 05:21 AM
  5. vestasan's Avatar
    I guess, hdr is coming with denim to 1520, right?
    01-07-2015 05:42 AM
  6. aaron j's Avatar
    So they say:)
    01-08-2015 06:06 AM
  7. vestasan's Avatar
    Hopefully it will work magic with camera again. Really like the phone - hardly anything comes to market soon that makes me reconsider.
    01-08-2015 06:09 AM
  8. Marty89's Avatar
    When you take photos in low light it's better when you manually set focus to infinity and ISO max to 800.
    vestasan likes this.
    01-08-2015 06:14 AM

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