1. EnigmaNine's Avatar
    so i have a few windows phones, i.e 1020,930, htc.
    and i mostly bought the 1520.1 32gb, which is the international version, yellow, mostly for video, which i have been using it for, for awhile,
    im deciding whether or not i should sell it, since i haven't used it in awhile, the 1020 still has a better camera so, i really don't need it,

    but since i saw win 10 is coming in February for phones im having a hard time deciding, since the screens so nice....
    plus im not sure where to sell it, or who to sell it to, amazon, ebay ect.

    any advice?
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    01-22-2015 10:58 PM
  2. Shayan Davoodi's Avatar
    Hey there.
    I think 1520 is a much better device than 1020. I have one and pleased by it so much. I don't think you will have a good experience of W10 on 1020. 1520's camera is still good and notice that it also has Denim update and it's much better now. You can't record as 4k on 1020.
    I don't recommend selling it and remember that 1520 is still a very good choice though we may have a newer flagship soon.
    01-23-2015 11:46 AM
  3. EnigmaNine's Avatar
    yeah thats the reason i was thinking of selling it, i'm mostly just trying to clean up my room of electronics, i will probably buy a new WP, when a new one comes out.
    the only problem im having is finding a good place to sell it.
    01-23-2015 06:28 PM
  4. Shayan Davoodi's Avatar
    Ah ok then have this point in mind that next flagship may raise after undefined time, mb after 5 month.
    01-24-2015 09:24 AM

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