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    Got an odd problem with my 1520 that the screen has been "repaired" on...

    Long story short, had a 1520 with a cracked screen and took it to a highly recommended phone repair shop (has successfully fixed multiple Android phones for friends) and after over a month and a half of back and forth with the repair shop and multiple screen replacements, I finally have a screen that doesn't loose touch or have light bleeding... HOWEVER, the bottom left corner of the screen sometimes gets an odd coloring near the corner and when this happens, it appears that the screen has popped out of the case a little in that corner... I can push it in and it will stay, but eventually it will move out a little again...

    My question is, do I take it back to the repair shop for the 5th or 6th time, or is it something I can fix by maybe removing the 1 torx screw, seating the display in the case better, and tightening the torx screw back in place? And if so, are there any other tools I need besides a T2 and T3 (in case there is too much slop on the screw)?

    I don't doubt that the repair shop normally does a good job, but when it comes to Lumias, maybe more specifically the 1520, they have no clue what they are doing.
    03-17-2015 01:10 AM
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    Quick bump
    03-17-2015 11:48 AM
  3. MK Shatnawi's Avatar
    Why don't you take it to an authorized service ?
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    03-17-2015 07:37 PM
  4. gordonfink's Avatar
    I'd say it depends upon what is happening. If the overall display unit is loose, what you suggest may fix it. I am wondering, based upon your litany of problems, if they only replaced the outer glass. If that is the case, you can't do much with it, except have it replaced again.

    If you take the back cover off, you might be able to tell the answer to the above.
    03-17-2015 07:55 PM
  5. sinime's Avatar
    I went ahead and ordered the T2 & T3 torx drivers, guess I'll fiddle with it and see if I can fix it... Will make a good time to look under the hood and see if I think adding wireless charging will be too difficult.
    03-18-2015 11:29 PM
  6. TheBadGuy_88's Avatar
    Getting the display assembly out of the case can be tricky and I'm speaking from experience. I don't think taking the display assembly out of the case will help but you can try. The "glass part of the display can't be separated from the LCD by mere mortals. Its bonded together. Even the Nokia assembly and dissemble guide doesn't show you how. But try it, its fun if your looking into how your phone looks on the inside. In my experience the third part and replacement display assembly's are SH!T. Find an authorized third party that will replace with parts given to them by Microsoft. Only place I know is called Palco and they get the parts from Microsoft for the damn near the same price you can find replacement display assemblys
    03-19-2015 10:58 AM
  7. gordonfink's Avatar
    It depends on the shop. A very few will have a heat table and the UV curing station to do just the outer glass.

    Most would probably replace the LCD/touch assembly as a whole, because as BG88 says, it is really easy to screw the pooch doing just a glass replacement. It's possible, but it's hard.

    The most common thing that happens after an outer glass only replacement is loss of touch function. If the screen gets intermittent odd colors, and feels loose, I'm thinking they may have done an outer glass only and not glued it well in that spot, or overheated the LCD.

    If you take the whole assembly out you might be able to tell if the outer glass is bonded to the LCD in that area. Outside of that, taking it back and insisting on a full display assembly replacement might be the way to go.
    03-19-2015 11:37 AM

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