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    I have Lumia Camera Beta set to 5MP/16MP and the low res is usually around 1.6MP and high res is never larger than 5.4MP. I've tried everything, from the MS app to the normal Lumia app and even reset the camera to default, with no luck, please advise...

    05-12-2015 09:15 AM
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    I suspect that what you're referring to is the file size in MB, rather than the image resolution in MP. Megabytes are different from megapixels.

    A 16MP resolution photo is usually around 5MB in size; a 5MP resolution photo is around 1.5MB in size.
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    05-12-2015 09:44 AM
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    The 5 and 16 MP are jpg's and jpg always reduces the original camera sensor picture, with smart calculations, to a smaller size. So you will never get a 5 or 16MP file size picture. (that's basically the idea behind jpg formats).
    If you want big size files you need to use DNG format.
    As an example if you take a picture of a green door the algorithms are so smart that the size of the picture can be reduced because the color is everywhere the same and does not needs to be stored for every pixel, hence reducing the file size.

    Now the camera sensor of the 1520 will use 16mp pixels and your phone will create a jpg. But if you use a camera with a 5 mp camera sensor than also this phone will create a jpg.
    And the size if the pictures may be the same but with the 1520 you will get a better picture because you started with more "data".
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    05-12-2015 09:50 AM
  4. tcmoon's Avatar
    Thank you for clearing this up for me.
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    05-12-2015 12:25 PM

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