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    I've been complaining about the sad state of Windows Phone in Canada, going right back to the Rogers exclusivity of the Lumia 920. We didn't get the 925, 1520, or 930.

    Other than the camera, I've been extremely pleased with my Samsung ATIV S, but I've been painfully craving a Nokia Pureview camera for 2 years. My contract with Bell for my ATIV S ends next month, and new Windows Phones are supposedly 6-7 months away. Not wanting to go through another summer without a good camera phone, I finally decided to try and track down a 1520. Found RM-937 locally on Kijiji, and decided to go for it because I could pick it up in person for a fair price. Brand new with minimal use because the owner is on Wind Mobile, and we need RM-938 to operate with Wind.

    I LOVE THE 1520!!!!!!!!! What an awesome device. Initially, it felt way too large and awkward, but after an hour with it, my ATIV S (4.8" display) suddenly feels like a tiny iPhone 4s.

    Anyway, I was a bit worried about not having the Unicorn 1520 (RM-938) because Bell primarily runs Band 4 1700/2100 MHz, but I've been getting Band 7 LTE 2600 MHz in a few different cities across Ontario while I traveled 300km over the weekend. Not bad at all. Even when not running on 4G, it's fine with me - no complaints about 3G / HSPA+ speeds.

    Microsoft's Network Speed test app is showing me 50.02 Mbps when I do pick up 4G.

    Shame that the 1520 was never sold in Canada, but better late for me (than never). Based on past history, we can't trust that we're gonna get the next flagship in Canada (the worst country for Windows Phone in the world), so I'm well happy with my switch to the 1520. Even if we do get an amazing Windows 10 flagship on all carriers in November, I still won't regret getting 7 months out of this device, especially over the summer.

    So in summary, RM-937 works well on Bell Mobility.
    - You need to manually set up APNs for MMS to work (no problemo). How to configure my mobile phone or smartphone for the Bell Mobility 4G network : Configure multimedia messaging service (MMS) settings
    - Depending on where you live, you may not get LTE speeds.
    - For me, having the camera, the HAAC microphones, the great sunlight readability is worth the trade-off of giving up full coverage LTE speeds.
    - I still prefer AMOLED though. The Windows Phone Teal colour doesn't look right on Nokia's LCD displays (comparison between 920, ATIV S, and 1520).
    05-19-2015 08:56 PM
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    The RM-937 also works great on Rogers. Better, really, as Rogers has a lot more band 7 LTE deployed across the country. I don't think Bell has any band 7 at all in Western Canada, so be mindful of your location. It's worth noting that means Fido and Virgin customers are also good to go for the RM-937. Ditto MVNOs that use either Rogers' our Bell's network. The only ones left out are Telus, Koodo, and other carriers using Telus as their MNO.
    05-19-2015 11:43 PM

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