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    Hi everyone, I'm making this post because today my phone's screen suddenly went unresponsive to touch. As of now, touching it doesn't do anything, so the phone is inoperable. This did not occur as the result of a drop or other abuse. However, I have seen the numerous "ghost swipe" posts, and I will admit that I always carry my phone in my front pocket, face down. However I put my phone on a flat surface and it didn't seem to be bent.
    The interesting thing is that sometimes, touching the upper left hand corner of the screen will issue a vibration just like the one you get from pressing the capacitive buttons on the bottom. And 3 times I have actually opened Cortana from pressing and holding near the top left corner of the phone, above the LCD. I've attached a picture where I have highlighted the places where touching the corner can issue a vibration - the blue area provokes the vibration and the yellow dot is where I've managed to open Cortana. nokia-lumia-1520-2.jpg
    All of the other buttons on the sides work fine, I've done many soft resets but I'm reluctant to do a hard one. Right now I'm probably just going to get the screen replaced or something, or do you think that the screen's not the problem? The opening Cortana thing is realllly weird. I would really appreciate any help or insight! Thanks guys!

    EDIT: Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, doing a soft reset does nothing to even temporarily remove the unresponsive-ness. Shaking it also doesn't seem to do much good. I will see how easy it is to get the digitizer replaced, that seems like the best option right now.
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    search the Lumia 1520 forum for posts about this -
    soft reset / power off will temporarily fix the screen unresponsiveness.
    Sometimes shaking the device will remediate it, temporarily.

    I attempted to diagnose this for about two months.
    I recently (about a month ago) had my digitizer replaced - it fixed the problem ...
    BUT, there are others who stipulate it's a software issue.

    Your call ...
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    05-21-2015 09:41 PM

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