1. monstervinvin's Avatar
    device: Nokia Lumia 1520
    Can anyonehelp me? I'm really desperate.

    I did everything from downgrading to 8.1 then
    downloading windows insider app.

    I am in the fast ring and got two updates.
    > the latest build for windows10 mobile 100136 and the 8.1 reboot update
    > i charged it to 100% = checked it on my status bar.
    > now the I pressed install now then the Gears started spinning.
    > it gave me a few PROGRESS then suddenly it went to the NOKIA logo and displayed a BATTERY low icon with a PLUG on it...

    :( it keeps repeating like that I even have it plugged in all the time
    06-22-2015 12:40 PM
  2. arjunan's Avatar
    The battery might be loose. I dunno how you could fix it but this used to happen to my 525 almost all the time but was easily fixed by removing and re-inserting the battery.

    I suggest you take it to the nearest care center since the 1520's battery is non-removable
    06-22-2015 01:30 PM

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