1. Vandallist's Avatar
    Hello! this is my first post, first of all i want to thank you for reading!
    So, i broke my screen 1 month ago, i got screen replaced, and now all suddenly there are problems with touch, it freezes, i can't wipe to unlock etc..
    Once i restart phone it works great for some time, but then again like 20-30 minutes later starts to bug. Everything else works great, but as i said, problems with touch. I thought i had some software issues, so i flashed phone and again same.. Anyone have a solution? Btw. i changed display 3 times, everytime this happens.
    09-02-2015 10:47 AM
  2. Pete's Avatar
    Did you get the display changed through warranty, or did you arrange this yourself through a third party repair shop?
    09-02-2015 10:51 AM
  3. Vandallist's Avatar
    yes it was a third party store.. They are legal and they work, but it was not offical Nokia.
    09-02-2015 11:05 AM
  4. NightOrchid's Avatar
    If the store is legit and legal you shouldve got a receipt, they should change it for you.

    It sounds like they may not have put it back right, snapped it in place.. Look around the edges of the screen.. are they any raised edges...

    IMO, whe it comes to screens, you should always use official Nokia repair.. Failing that, ask for your money back from the shop who did the screen and check on ebay, you can pick up a 1520 for about 200+ ($250+).
    09-05-2015 10:16 AM

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