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    I really need help with this problem with the Nokia 1520! So the other day i was talking to a person(who was using a IPhone 5), I was in a busy situation(doing dishes) and I decided to talk to that person with the Speaker mode on the phone.

    For some reason,when im not in speaker mode calling is perfect and clear;but,when im in speaker mode the other user seems to be silent (like if I put the volume all the way down,but phone was full volume) and when i get out of speaker mode the personjust talked to me normally!This has been going on since I updated this phone to the windows 8.1 update. I tried rebooting phone,but that didn't work and I also tried turning off Bluetooth,but that didn't work as well.I really love this phone but how do I fix this problem? Could this be a software glitch or a problem with the phone?
    09-27-2015 09:18 PM

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