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    Curious if anyone has ideas or trouble shooting thoughts for a Lumia 1520 screen issue. My screen simply went black, no backlight. Holding it under a bright light or angled just right under direct Sunlight; I can see the screen is functioning. If I can see it, I can click on and navigate so the screen and touch is functioning to that regard.

    What I've tried: Replaced the screen and digitizer but same result; the screen will not light up.
    At this point, I believe it's more catastrophic in nature but interested in any other thoughts.

    Additional info:
    Never dropped. Carried by itself, not with any other items, taken well care of.
    • Purchased over a year ago. Out of warranty
    • 1st issue - Camera defect, the camera image shook. Known defect and was repaired under warranty. Phone was repaired, not replaced (small identifying scratch on screen), same phone was returned to me.
    • Number of months later, the mic stopped working
    • Next, the Back Button light went out.
    • Short time after, the Windows button light went out.
    • Last week, the screen went black

    Took it to a couple local repair shops; One would not touch it (Lumias), the other said a screen and digitizer replacement was needed. Estimated cost of the repair was just over $200.00, I opted for self-repair and ordered the repair items through ebay. Task of the screen and digitizer replacement is not for the faint at heart, requires special tools like T2 and T4 bits, heat gun or hair dryer in my case, and a good YouTube video for instruction. It was challenging but completed without issues. The result of the repair was the same issue, no backlight. Holding it just right under bright light, I can see screens and navigate. With my previous issues, I do not plan on any further repairs. I think it's more catastrophic.

    Only thing not tried is a complete reset. The reason I have not tried this is simply I doubt the screen will come up/light up to complete the restore, and even in its current limited condition, I can still use the blue tooth for voice text and calls.
    10-12-2015 05:32 PM

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