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    OK. yes, this is a no brainer, but,

    for the past 8 months, i've been using snapdragon 400 processor phones, between the 640xl and the 830. I've had a 1520, and I like it, but yes, it's huge, so i stopped using it. When the windows 10 TP came out, I was able to put one of the earlier builds on the 1520 in February, which killed it(couldn't upgrade the preview, couldnt revert back to windows 8.1). this past week, i sprung for the money to send it to Palco to have them reflash it back to 8.1, and it worked.

    After I got it back, i immediately installed the new windows 10 TP on it. I've been using the TP on my 640xl, and i've always sort of felt it was lacking in performance. resuming, apps not loading from the SD card, etc... Now, on the 1520, whoa, that SD 800 processor and extra ram seriously make a difference. everything works so much better.

    for the longest time, i've touted how a SP 400 processor is enough, and someone doesnt need much more then that, but man, going to the 1520 after spending so much time with it, man, I'm seriously blown away by that change in performance. that's all.

    really can't wait to trade my 830 for a 950xl...
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    10-18-2015 12:17 PM
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    A SP800 is indeed faster, but consider that the same SP400 in the 830, 640-XL is more for non demanding users. You have to consider that not everyone has the money to buy a 450+ smartphone. Their budget is tighted. But yes! An 800 is better! I don't blame it! My 929 just runs fine! Still laggy with W10 but it runs
    10-18-2015 12:23 PM

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