1. Byrese's Avatar
    In light of the lacklustre reviews of 950, whose going to hold on to their 1520 or 930?

    I love the specs of the phone and Continuum but im not crazy about the design, not to mention it feels kinda cheap. Whose doing what?

    I may hold on to my 1520 a little longer.
    11-21-2015 10:25 AM
  2. soil2oil's Avatar
    Hold onto? Of course it's a Nokia.

    Replace 1520 as daily driver with 950? Definitely did and don't regret.
    11-30-2015 12:43 AM
  3. bozza72's Avatar
    Im on a 930 but have just bought a new 1520 (again) until the price drops on the 950xl then il buy
    11-30-2015 12:51 AM
  4. Mark Baker3's Avatar
    My 930 runs well, good condition and the latest wp10 runs very well. Currently no need to trade up. In six months time I'll likely make the jump.
    bozza72 likes this.
    11-30-2015 01:22 AM

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