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    my phone have LUMINA DENIM
    03-10-2016 09:23 PM
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    Please discuss official and rumoured release dates for all things related to W10M (hardware and software) here! This first post will be updated as new information becomes available:

    What Officially Announced Comments
    Lumia 950
    Lumia 950XL
    Lumia 550
    October 6th 2015 The devices can already be preordered in many markets. The specific launch date varies by region. The high-end devices will not be available in all markets where Lumias are traditionally sold however.

    Launch dates by region (just a few examples):

    Germany: November 28th 2015
    India: November 30th
    USA (AT&T): November 17th/20th
    USA (MS Stores): November 26th
    Ireland: December 4th
    W10M is shipped to OEMs (RTM) November 16th 2015 Build 10586 is what will be shipping on 950/XL/550 devices.

    WCentral was told that 10586 was shipped to carriers for testing sometime during the first week of November.

    According to Microsoft, W10M 's official release date was November 16th 2015.

    10586 will not be the build MS uses to update the first wave of WP8.1 devices OTA, as it didn't prove stable enough for widespread distribution to WP8.1 devices.
    W10M final distributed OTA via carriers for your current WP8.1 device TBA Devices will be updated in batches. MS defined those batches on their own website, which has since been removed. Luckily, a copy found it's way into our forums and is available here:

    When the first batch of WP8.1 devices will receive W10M updates is yet unclear. Until recently we've had nothing more to go on than an unnamed MS insider stating to Marry J. Foley: "early 2016".

    In late January, the french telecom company Bouygues tweeted that the first batch of WP8.1 devices would not receive the W10M update before the end of February.

    All of the above are just rumors and not commitments made by MS. So far there is no mention of updates beyond the first batch, so we know even less about those devices.

    Whether your phone is in the first batch or not, don't expect all WP8.1 devices to be updated on the same day. As always, updating all WP8.1 devices will occur over a period of months, and the specific update date for any particular device will vary by model and region.

    Additional information that may be of interest to you is available here.

    Some devices will not be updated at all. See post #2 for more.
    03-10-2016 09:23 PM
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    If anyone, as a community service, wants to track W10M availability on a more granular level (country / carrier / device), they are welcome to do so here. Let me know and I will transfer ownership of this post.

    W10M can not be installed on devices running WP7.x.

    W10M can only be updated OTA on devices running the most recent version WP8.1 (on Lumia devices that is the Denim update).

    W10M can not be updated OTA on devices with only 4GB of storage. Here is a partial list of the affected devices:

    • Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 Series Handsets (Windows Models)
    • Nokia 530 *
    • HTC 8S
    • Blu Win JR
    • Blu Win JR LTE
    • Yezz Billy 4
    • Karbonn Titanium Wind W4
    • Kazam Thunder 340W

    * Some websites speculate that it will be possible to update the Nokia 530 using MS' Windows Devices Recovery Tool. This is not expected to become an option for any of the other 4GB devices.

    All other devices should technically be able to run W10M, and almost all are expected to receive the update at some point. Unfortunately, some devices won't. Most of those devices come from very small and practically irrelevant OEMs (irrelevant based on sales volume), but there are a few larger, non-participating OEMs too:

    Country Phone ROM Brand Model Release
    global / world wide all Kazam Thunder 450 Never (OEM not participating)
    all Kazam Thunder 450WL Never (OEM not participating)
    all Samsung ATIV S Never (speculative, OEM not participating)
    all Yezz Billy 4.7 Never (OEM not participating)
    all HTC 8x Never (OEM not participating)
    For a complete list of affected devices see the first post here (those listed under the third batch).

    If your device is not excluded for any of the reasons listed up to this point, then it is expected to officially receive W10M OTA.
    03-10-2016 09:23 PM
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    Check the 2 posts above for info!
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    03-10-2016 09:35 PM

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