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    5 months ago
    Im so excited to own one,because I love big phone w/ powerful camera specs, I like to do selfie actually, this is my most loved smartphone,but after one month of use,the camera turns black and it return back to main screen..I've tried restarted the unit countless times, re updated OS, I got tired and pissed.after resetting the camera was functioning but after several hours black screen is on. I also read several advise online to reset the unit using the volume key..I've done it numerous times-all my files-selfie moments were deleted. I got tired and pissed off till I want to give the unit to my sister.

    The idea just came in to my mind to close all running apps that is being utilize (by the camera phone,) I tried deactivated skype, closed LOCATION then restarted phone. Then I just tried to take picture.. I was so amazed I can now take pictures-camera is back and working in perfect condition.

    For 3 month already:
    I use gps daily (location is ON- still I encountered this black screen-when using my camera. I just turn off the "LOCATION" from "SETTINGS" then restart the unit, then everything is OK. Until now that's what I usually do, NO MORE WORRIES ABOUT BLACK SCREEN"
    i did not reinstall yet my skype but I think its not the skype that brought the black screen. only the "LOCATION".

    Ive tried to ask for an advice to a service center-they said unit is the problem, they already mentioned the charges for repair- I said I have to think first thats too expensive for me.

    Hope you'll find this helpful
    03-22-2016 10:47 PM

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