1. Skinshifter's Avatar

    I own an AT&T Lumia 1520, using Preview release in Insider. Since .218 build, sometimes the phone shows SIM error and I have to reset it or turn it on again. Any idea? Is it software malfunction or maybe it's something about the SIM slot.
    05-18-2016 11:51 AM
  2. v535's Avatar
    Is it an unlocked phone with ATT Sim or what? If SIM is removable, try it on another phone otherwise there is definitely something wrong with sim reader or sim card itself.
    05-18-2016 12:55 PM
  3. Skinshifter's Avatar
    Yep. I will try in another phone. Never happened before.

    Sean Sabe
    05-18-2016 06:55 PM

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