1. Arlan Henry's Avatar
    Nokia Lumia 1520 running 14342.1003

    The problem existed before Redstone and before my battery replacement.

    My screen experiences phantom touches where the screen jumps wildly as if being touched and swiped rapidly. Sometimes thus triggers Cortana. It seems as if the back button, windows home button, search button, and sometimes the middle screen lock/unlock button are being triggered simultaneously. This occurs frequently in my pocket. It also correlates with overheating and leads to rapid battery drain.

    To alleviate the problem I have to:

    1.) One hand grip the device applying pressure at the top of the device between the sim/memory slot and above the volume up button then type with one hand.

    2.) Lock, then unlock the screen.

    3.) Physically attempt to bend the handset about it's longitudinal axis (in am attempt to relieve the apparent pressure near the search button.

    Sometimes this phenomenon is induced while charging and the micro USB cable is wiggled slightly to the left or right (design flaw).

    This is very frustrating.
    05-24-2016 03:05 AM
  2. Sedp23's Avatar
    That's a known problem with that phone. I did read that they have fixed that issue on the newer manufactured 1520s tho

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    05-24-2016 04:19 AM
  3. Arlan Henry's Avatar
    So I'm ****ed then?
    05-24-2016 11:36 AM
  4. Sedp23's Avatar
    So I'm ****ed then?

    I've read of people fixing it in the 1520 forums but I would sell it for one of the newer models or get the 640 XL but it would be a downgrade

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    05-25-2016 07:04 AM
  5. welshdalek's Avatar
    I only noticed this problem on my two year old 1520 after turning on double tap to unlock. After turning it off, all is back to normal 😊
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    05-28-2016 06:05 PM

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