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    I’m going to be updating my phone pretty soon and am starting the long process of deciding which phone to get. I was Apple for ages but the costs and general arrogance of Apple has turned me off them. I dabbled with Samsung for a while but never really got along with the Galaxy phones either. Just a wee bit too big for me and I didn’t really like android. The amount of bloatware you get on them really puts me off. Not to mention random explosions ;)

    Anyways, I ‘ve been looking into getting a windows phone as my work entails lots of work with Office and other MS applications, so having a phone that really connects with the software is a big draw for me. I’ve been looking online at reviews and places with Smartphones for sale and am contemplating getting the Nokia Lumix 1520 - http://www.used.forsale/nokia-lumia-1520


    So the questions I have are pretty general. Would any of you recommend this phone? What are the general problems you’ve encountered with the phone? What is good about it? And most important of all, how connected an experience is it when using MS products.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    For a decent non-continuum phone, you cant go wrong. Remember it's a 3yr-old phone, but it's more than capable running W10 The camera can still hold it's own, the screen is big, bright and clear...

    Caution: Do check if the units have been unused all these while... don't want to be stuck with a depleted battery...

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    11-23-2016 02:49 AM
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    640XL for $69 on Amazon. Newer and for better than 950xl or 1520
    11-23-2016 03:04 AM
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    I'm still rockin my L1520. It's a great phone for my needs, although there are a few short comings you should consider.

    1. The pesky touch screen issue. The touch screen can be very sensitive. Scrolling or swiping, can sometimes cause an unwanted click or tap. There are plenty of forum topics on this subject.

    2. Battery issues. While I have never had any of these myself, the L1520 is know to have them. I've seen topics from batteries not holding a charge, to slow charging speeds. There are plenty of forum topics about these problems as well.

    3. Last but not least the obvious missing features that you may get with a newer phone. Windows Hello, tap to pay, Continuum, just to name a few.

    Overall the L1520 is a great phone and runs Windows 10 mobile like a champ. If you can live without some of the high end features, I say go for it!
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    Loved my 1520, but the phantom touch issue ruined it. Downgraded to the 950xl, but it and it's replacements were miserable, bc of stupid power button placement, 5 hour battery, cheap creaky case, camera crashing, Photos"Saving", excessive heating, and random crashes .

    Then went to 640Xl and am extremely happy. A real flagship that just works bug free. And the price is a steal.
    11-23-2016 08:57 PM
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    ...I dabbled with Samsung for a while but never really got along with the Galaxy phones either. Just a wee bit too big for me...
    The Lumia 1520 is a BIG phone. Just sayin'.

    If you don't want a current gen, one of the best all-around phone from the last gen is the Lumia 830. Stylish, pocketable and Great Camera. It may not be a processing speed demon, but it is a solid device.
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    11-23-2016 09:29 PM
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    I've owned two 1520's and have found it to be the best WP ever IMO. I would agree with everything said above. One add...

    1. Size- The phone is BIG, which is great for videos, browsing the web, viewing pics, etc. The downside is that it can be annoying to carry around sometimes.

    If I wasn't in the market for something more pocket able I'd get another one.

    All things considered I'd say go for it.
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    11-24-2016 06:01 PM
  8. abhishek singh21's Avatar
    Nokia lumia 1520 though is a great device but is an old veteran in current times. Enough firepower but not for the long run.

    multiple screen/display related issues has been reported as early as after 1 year of use.

    It will be very hard to find spare parts in case you need any servicing.

    Overall an aging device should not be in my opinion considered as an upgrade or expecting a great experience with a fairly new software running windows 10 mobile.

    My suggestions would be , if you reside in USA check out the deals in your local carrier store for Alcatel Idol 4S. its a great device fro the price also future proof.

    It is 5.5' smaller compared to 1520- 6' and lumia 640xl-5.7' . i feel you would be comfortable.
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