1. Gene Pineda's Avatar
    For 8 months I've been using my 1520 on Mint Sim as a hotspot. Today it suddenly stopped working. I now get the message - the app for the operator did not respond soon enough - (I'm not quoting it exactly).

    I'm wondering if MS did something that might cause my ATT phone to stop tethering.

    Anyone else ever have an experience like this?
    06-07-2018 03:28 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Do you have a data plan that supports mobile hotspot? If not you'll need to get a proper plan from your carrier.
    06-07-2018 08:01 PM
  3. neftv's Avatar
    I went to mints website like I was going to buy the $30 plan with 5gig data and it says in description that hotspot can be done. Maybe you used up your plans data? It says you can check in your account to see. Interesting plans this company has. I have the lumia 1520.3 version on At&t prepaid $45. But data rolls over to a point. Not on Mint but you save monthly. They must be on TMobile network which I think my 1520.3 does support but not their new frequency 600mhz..
    06-18-2018 02:40 PM

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