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    I had a choice, and after much research and keeping current with tech news narrowed my possibilities to three tablets. I seriously considered the iPad Air (I do prefer 4:3; it is only natural and the way tablets are supposed to be held/read. But I was not impressed with the redesign; it is lighter, maybe thinner, but looks just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1. When I first handled it, I thought, "Imagine that. Apple copying Sammy."). I wanted to love the Surfaces, but could only like them. On Tuesday I purchased the Lumia 2520 (the keyboard/cover and introductory pricing made the decision a no-brainer). The iPad is excellent for relaxing and consuming, but the 2520 is no laggard in that regard. Although holding the tablet horizontal (or switching to portrait) has some compromises in browsing and reading, they are offset by the advantage of a widescreen in viewing video, mapping travel and working with more than one app at a time or split-screen. The 2520 has a slightly better vertical perspective than the Surfaces, because of a bit less width. (It is mostly a matter of personal preference and to what one becomes accustomed regarding 4:3 v 16:9. I mean it takes time for new users to adapt to the iPad. Adoption takes time, period; one should not try a tablet or phone for five minutes and then forever put it down as unsatisfactory). When alternating relaxation and being productive with a tablet, the winner hands-down is the 2520 and Windows RT. The missing legacy apps; tablets are designed to replace notebooks, not desktops. Of course, the Surface Pro can replace many desktops out there. Ultimately, I am not ready to move from the versatility of having a premium notebook for mobility and a desktop workstation for maximum productivity. I purchased the 2520 for a niece in high school. I am old-school; I use the convertible notebook/tablet ThinkPad X230t and a ThinkCentre desktop.
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    I'm glad to hear that you like your new 2520.
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    11-30-2013 12:35 AM
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    i was looking for a tablet for my wife to go back to school but really didnt have the money. i was looking into the Dell Venue pro tabs casue it was in my price range and it windows 8 not RT, but getting the money and trying to wait for deal is a *****. was always considering the Nokia tab but didtn want to pay extra for a data plan and i didnt have $400 cash to lay out, couldnt put it on my bill becuase of an issue with my account. one friday morning i get and email from Verizon giving me an extra $100 off the nokia tab, i read that coupon about 10-15 times to make sure i wasnt being suckered into getting something else along with. Went to Verizon with my coupon verified it with the manager and cam out with a Nokia 2520 black for $326 (taxes), i love being a verizon customer
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    Yeah, the 2520 is a nice device. I hope your niece likes it. :)
    12-24-2013 11:17 AM

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