01-15-2016 05:09 AM
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  1. GizmoEV's Avatar
    I haven't heard whether the images work. If someone has successfully restored their 2520 with one of the images please let us know. I'm too chicken to test these out on my working tablets. In case you missed it, I don't post the links publicly since I don't want my OneDrive account hammered with downloads.
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    09-10-2015 10:26 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I don't post the links publicly since I don't want my OneDrive account hammered with downloads.

    That's a fair point. It could be considered a violation of the Terms of Service since it is easily interpreted as you distributing closed license software.
    09-11-2015 11:29 AM
  3. kulbir singh1's Avatar
    I have purchased Nokia 2520 tablet how to change window with 1

    I have purchased Nokia 2520 tablet I can't download anything from Google like share it useful app not available in store when download from Google PC can't run this app in PC
    Nokia 2520 update comes to much I download it every time but now no space in my tablet 4or5 gb balance how to fix it

    <Moderator Note> Please don't post multiple times on your issue...
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    10-08-2015 02:53 AM
  4. Steve DiBello's Avatar
    I need it too!!!
    10-13-2015 12:59 PM
  5. dborel's Avatar
    I also am in need of the recovery image, if the link can be sent to me, I'd GREATLY appreciate it! :)
    10-31-2015 08:05 AM
  6. RW2000's Avatar
    A million thanks if I can get a link to a 2520 (AT&T) restore image as well. Mine won't reset to factory (missing files issue) and Nokia seems to have completely given up on their customers. :( ANY help would be great appreciated.
    11-03-2015 01:33 PM
  7. Dave Seta's Avatar
    I also need the recovery image for the lumina 2520. If you still have it, I would appreciate it.
    I have both versions but I don't know how to backup to provide you image. Anyone care to help?
    11-22-2015 08:40 PM
  8. admaxey's Avatar
    Do you have them on USB already, or do you need help with that step? If you have them on USB, just zip up the contents of each USB drive and put it on Dropbox. Once I have a link, I can test it for you.
    11-23-2015 09:47 AM
  9. captor8's Avatar
    My Lumia 2520 does not work any more. I will be grateful if anyone can share a link to recovery image.
    12-10-2015 12:12 PM
  10. kholk's Avatar
    GizmoEV, can I have the link as well? I need that image so badly. Can't find it anywhere! Thanks!
    01-15-2016 05:09 AM
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