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    So as I type this I am awaiting delivery of my 2520 and cannot help but think I may have purchased a bit too soon. Microsoft is expected to release a smaller tablet this month and I'm starting to lean towards an Android for my next phone if I decide to leave the iOS fold (digging the specs and price of the upcoming OnePlus One).

    Does anyone regret buying a 2520 or is the experience generally positive? I purchased a Surface RT a couple months back and have played with it a bit including some work in MS Office (which was a nice bonus) but not enough to say I really know the Windows experience as of yet.

    The lack of Apps does not concern me as much as spending $550 on a tablet and keyboard that may already be obsolete with the MS purchase of Nokia and if they let RT wither away and die.
    05-06-2014 04:02 PM
  2. hopmedic's Avatar
    I doubt they're going to let RT die. They're going to be combining the phone OS with the tablet, and what you're going to end up with down the road is a combination of RT and phone running on both. Not all features will be on all devices - a phone dialer, for example, doesn't make sense on a tablet - but for the most part, that's where they're heading. You already see the start of this with the universal apps. From the user perspective, you'll be able to buy an app on one device, and it will work on the other (if the developer supports it). From a developer perspective, the things they showed us at BUILD make it a lot easier to build an app on both platforms.

    As for jumping the gun, only you can really answer that one. You said you have a Surface RT. What about that made you want to go ahead and order the 2520?

    Just remember, even if Microsoft doesn't come up with a sequel to the 2520, there will still be updates for the foreseeable future.
    05-06-2014 04:09 PM
  3. livemusicfan's Avatar
    I have thought about getting a 2520 since they were announced and came very close to jumping on the 1520/2520 promo AT&T ran around the holiday. I got great deal on the Surface and figured it was an inexpensive way to try the platform.

    I have always had a soft spot for Nokia, going back to my 5000 and 6000 series phones to one my all time favorites, the 8210. I love the design of the 2520 and the built in LTE. When the MS store offered it for $399 without contract last week, I jumped. I was very close to buying another iPad but to be honest, I've not been that excited by Apple for a couple years. Our house is full of Apple stuff and I think we buy it because everyone is comfortable (my wife hates to switch technology)
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    05-06-2014 04:28 PM
  4. ChumsFuture's Avatar
    If anything, the introducing of more RT tablets is going to prolong the 2520's lifespan.

    I love my 2520 more and more everyday and am always amazed by it's browser and multitasking of apps. These advantages may get diminished on a smaller screen size.
    05-06-2014 07:04 PM
  5. cgavula's Avatar
    I have an iPad Air, and that still gets the most use because the text rendering is better than any other tablet out there. That said, I also have a Surface RT, Surface Pro, and a Lumia 2520. Funny thing is, other than the iPad, I use the Lumia 2520 the most. Why? Well, a few reasons. I wasn't crazy about the performance or screen on the Surface RT. The Surface Pro is too heavy to really use as a tablet - ebook reading for any period of time on it is almost impossible, but it's great as a mini-laptop. Both Surface devices are difficult to hold in portrait mode - I'm always hitting the Windows button.

    The Lumia performs better than the first generation Surface RT, and the screen has better contrast than either of my Surface devices. THe tablet is comfortable to hold in landscape or portrait mode and I can use it for MS Office or for media consumption or even ebook reading without grief. I do wish the Kindle app had a display format that was closer to the 4:3 format on the iPad since a large number of books are kind of formatted for that - especially tech books. And I wish there were more Metro apps for RT, but all told I really like the Lumia 2520 a lot! And having LTE support at a price point that is a few hundred less than the Surface 2 LTE is great! I have this on my family plan and use it everywhere!
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    05-07-2014 12:20 AM
  6. Madeye234's Avatar
    I love my 2520. I love that it is more secure becuase it cant run .exe files. Every so often I get slightly annoyed that I cant download a certain app, but then I get over it because bottom line, i got the tablet to be a tablet, with the occasional use of MS Office. I love that integration and it is the reason I didn't go for the Samsung Note. The screen is fantastic and better than the surface, and very fast processor. I think that by upgrading the OS to also open up the WP 8.1 apps, will make the environment much more enriching. There are a bunch pf apps I wish were on the RT version. LTE is a huge plus, makes for some much better long distance trips without depending on Wi-Fi (if you have a large data sharing plan).
    05-10-2014 11:28 AM

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