1. Pablo Negrete's Avatar
    Well, I have no idea if the tablet is pretty much bricked at this point, but here is what happened.

    I noticed that the keyboard was giving me connection issues. I had to constantly pull the 2520 out of the Nokia Power Keyboard, restart, and put it back in the keyboard and maybe, just maybe, it would actually connect and work. I did some research to see what kind of options I had. I decided to go ahead and just do a full reset to start over fresh and hopefully with no problems. Here is some background info: I did move the recovery image (whatever it is called) to a USB flash drive successfully and the flash drive does have the files still as I checked it with a working Win8 PC.

    So after having the tablet reset itself completely, I have the flash drive plugged in and it says "Preparing Automated Recovery" (may be something different. I can't remember right now) and then it brings me to a menu with a few options such as: 1) Continue to Windows RT, 2) Use a recovery media, 3) advanced options, and 4) turn off the pc. I go ahead and select option 2 and I am presented with about 4 different USB options and one listed as internal memory. I have selected each of them and the tablet proceeds to reboot and start the process over. I did notice that if I hold down the volume down button, it asked me to select language and keyboard layout, but then went back to doing the same thing. Selecting option number 1 also causes the tablet to reboot. Advanced options have nothing that can really help. Startup recovery doesn't do anything, it either ends up wanting me to try more advanced options (taking me back to the initial menu) or to just turn the PC off.

    I really didn't want to take the tablet to the microsoft store for help. But it looks like that is my only option now.

    I'm not sure why resetting this tablet is such a stupid process, and I am probably still angry about the situation, but I just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas of what to do. I am at my wit's end with this.
    10-28-2014 04:42 PM
  2. GizmoEV's Avatar
    Were you able to find out anything? I tried to restore from USB too and got the same loop. I finally just used the image still on the drive. I was trying to restore with a WinRT 8.0 image for testing an energy remaining issue when connected to the keyboard.
    11-30-2014 03:13 AM

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