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    I know lots of people have issues with the Power Keyboard, but i haven't seen this one mentioned and am really hoping someone can help.

    I got the tablet and keyboard about 2 years ago for a work project and it sat in the cupboard for about a year after use, took it out a year later and although it worked the keyboard seemed to be dead, ordered one off eBay but it seemed to be DOA, the seller replaced it but had the same issue again. At this point i assumed the tablet was the issue so ate the cost and put the tablet and 2 keyboards in the cupboard again and forgot about it.

    So cut to this week when i dug them out again and decided to try and get it sorted, looking through threads here i think the 2 keyboards have lost all there charge so the tablet can recognise them to even start charging due to a driver issue, when connected there is no noise, nothing works and Battery2 is listed as not present. i tried the volume+ and power combo about 10 times on each keyboard and while it makes the noise and the indicator goes grey it never picks up the keyboard.

    I was so close to just assuming the keyboards where dead or the pins where damaged until...when i hold power and volume+ and the noise is made and the power screen slides down, if i keep these held down the keyboard, mouse and connect USB drive all work fine. As soon as I let go they disconnect again and if i keep the buttons pressed the tablet resets, but I know that at least all the hardware works.

    Does anyone have any ideas how this might be resolved?

    09-14-2017 03:26 AM

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