08-31-2014 06:58 AM
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  1. Piyush18's Avatar
    Then what should I do? There is no software to backup the whole data. And nokia isn't bringing out amber update. -.-
    09-24-2013 11:10 PM
  2. sourabh grover's Avatar
    yesterday i updated my lumia 520 (INDIA) only 2 features added (tap to silence and data sense), what about other features. I updated my phone with WIFI. Will reinstalling or upgrade from nokia care help me use other features available for L520 for amber?
    09-24-2013 11:31 PM
  3. Anil Prajapati1's Avatar
    plz tell me where is data sence function on lumia 520
    09-25-2013 12:23 AM
  4. khushal999p's Avatar
    Please Help... I am facing the same issue with my lumia 520 in india, after updating to amber via OTA, shows 1030.6408.1309.0002 and there is no - data sense , glance , FM radio can anyone tell me what to do ?
    guruprasad2013 likes this.
    09-25-2013 12:38 AM
  5. sourabh grover's Avatar
    plz tell me where is data sence function on lumia 520
    In the 'D' section of list of apps, just move home screen towards left
    09-25-2013 12:41 AM
  6. khushal999p's Avatar
    After updating to Amber Update Via OTA my lumia 520 in india shows 1030.6408.1309.0002 and there is no - data sense , glance , FM radio can anyone tell me what to do ?
    09-25-2013 12:43 AM
  7. sourabh grover's Avatar
    Please Help... I am facing the same issue with my lumia 520 in india, after updating to amber via OTA, shows 1030.6408.1309.0002 and there is no - data sense , glance , FM radio can anyone tell me what to do ?
    i also updated just 2 features added tap to silence and data sense. What is the new firmware version? I think it works fine after flashing from NOKIA
    09-25-2013 12:45 AM
  8. sourabh grover's Avatar
    How can i reintall or upgrade my lumia 520 amber with my laptop through data cable. Yesterday i updated over WIFI, but only 2 features added(Tap to silence+data sense).
    09-25-2013 12:56 AM
  9. Ashok Kumar K H's Avatar
    Latest Firmware version is 3046.0000.1329.2001
    09-25-2013 12:59 AM
  10. Sudeep Meher's Avatar
    i hv installed it using proxy before amber update.
    now i don't know whether proxy are working or not. u can try or 7 then use sys updater to install. i hv installed PRO cam, Smart cam & here Drive + on my Lumia 520
    (but pro cam is not working perfectly but it's ok)
    Attached Thumbnails wp_ss_20130924_0001.png   wp_ss_20130924_0002.png   wp_ss_20130924_0003.png   wp_ss_20130924_0004.png  
    09-25-2013 01:03 AM
  11. sourabh grover's Avatar
    Latest Firmware version is 3046.0000.1329.2001
    i updated yesterday adn i got the latest firmware version. but unable to get all features. what should i do? How do i reinstall amber upgrade ?
    09-25-2013 01:12 AM
  12. Moin Syed's Avatar
    After the OTA update I did not get any features.

    I tied factory reset twice, still says there is no new update.

    Pathetic way of pushing a software. There is no help for this issue on nokia site as well
    09-25-2013 01:17 AM
  13. Srini74's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I did OTA update yesterday for my L520. To be frank, you need to be patient to get the update properly installed. Keep the battery at 100% and also keep the phone under charging if possible. while wi-fi download battery drains fast.
    First, check for updates and the update gets downloaded thru WI-FI , takes easily 20-30 mins.
    The preparing for Install step, takes while, expecially when it reaches 100%, takes easily 10 mins.

    Then the update window pops up and once you say "Install", the phone says "Restarting"...but it takes while to reboot,
    This is where I lost patience and manually rebooted and the update failed. Once again intiated download and this time on "restarting" screen I left it...
    It takes while to restart and wheel like symbol comes and then it goes 1 of 5 to 5 of 5 steps and thats it.

    I got following
    FM - the main reason why updated
    Flip to slience
    Data sense
    Color profile
    ..may be few other things ..yet to explore.....

    please note after the download and preparing for install, the storage space drops almost 1GB...so before you start the amber update ensure you atleast have 1.5GB phone memory space free so that you dont get into any trouble...

    09-25-2013 01:34 AM
  14. Srini74's Avatar
    Many people in this thread mentioned that the update is not good enough...but to me this sofware update method is very good....the reason is while downloading the update my WIFI connection got stopped 3 times and I have to disable and enable WIFI in the phone and to my surprise the download started from where it stopped rather than starting from 0%...This is good....as I dont have worry on my weak WI-FI link....after the download "preparing for Install" and "restarting" is when one need to be patient to allow the phone to get the update complete.....My experience with the update is really nice and no big challenges except for my im-patient behaviour which costed me to start the process download again...
    09-25-2013 01:46 AM
  15. Moin Syed's Avatar
    For someone who has flashed Android ROMs so many times, bricked my phone and recovered. Updated Sony Ericsson and old Nokia phones, this is the worst experience.

    Resetting to factory settings and again trying for update does not work. To top it all there is no official help anywhere and Nokia does not even report there are some issues with Lumia 520 updates.

    Pathetic. Will never buy a Nokia/Ms ever!
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    09-25-2013 01:51 AM
  16. Jaydeep Doshi's Avatar
    I did all of the stuff mentioned above with PATIENCE but still nothing!

    After the updates were downloaded, there was a prompt screen which mentioned that 3 updates were downloaded and are ready to be installed. All 3 were:

    Windows 8 xxxxxxx

    Did anyone (who have the changes reflected) check what all updates were installed?
    09-25-2013 02:43 AM
  17. pkrao's Avatar
    @paromjan updated my L520 but no sign of amber at all !! dont know whats going on !
    09-25-2013 04:06 AM
  18. KK SARMA's Avatar
    I finally got Nokia Pro Cam on Lumia 520. I did it via Cellular Network, and not via Wi-Fi because I don't have it.

    this method is for those who doesn't have Wi-Fi. Go to access point menu of Settings. Then click add. Then Give a name for connection, and then enter access point of your SIM card operator. then enter proxy address and port mentioned early in this topic. addr: port: 8888. it will ask for MMS APN, press ok. then follow same process as on wifi, and activate that access point, change language region , and time zone as in proxy technique. then
    head to How To Install Nokia Pro Cam On Non-PureView Lumia Phones | TechTree.com... scan qr code using bing vision. and press install. After download interrupted, press home button, then go to settings -> access point -> long press your newly created access point, then edit access point , erase proxy and port and save it. then go to download and try it again. your download will start automatically.

    Aritra Sarkar likes this.
    09-25-2013 04:14 AM
  19. KK SARMA's Avatar
    Guys update via NSU... it will clean install every thing on phone, and there will be no problems after amber update. you will not loose contacts or messages as they are backed up to Microsoft account. You need to re install all apps. And there will be reduced other storage issue also.
    09-25-2013 04:29 AM
  20. sourabh grover's Avatar
    Guys who dont have updates after update check the following link:
    Lumia System Updater | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (भारत)
    donload the app and enjoy Lumia Amber
    09-25-2013 04:34 AM
  21. arnab ghosh's Avatar
    09-25-2013 04:58 AM
  22. arnab ghosh's Avatar
    this is how it should look like....updated without a hitch.....just had to be patient
    09-25-2013 05:00 AM
  23. Ymanish's Avatar
    Thanks xumit for sharing the file
    updating by NSU is pretty neat & easy
    did u saw any improvement in os smoothness or battery life?
    09-25-2013 05:52 AM
  24. Nishant Parmar's Avatar
    Updated with Amber+GDR2.
    Nothing to got exited.
    We should start change.org petition to add double tap and glance screen.
    09-25-2013 06:26 AM
  25. Kalp Patel's Avatar
    I just got my amber update today fro my lumia 520. The new features i have witnessed are:
    [LIST][*]Datasense[*]Radio[*]Lumia color profile[*]flip to silence(doesnt work too well)

    I also downloaded the nokia smart cam from the store and it works fine. A little sluggish due to the 512 mb ram in the 520.
    Nokia pro cam is not available in the store for us as of now. No idea if it will come out or not. You can try to use the proxy method and find out for yourself
    Intriguing features such as double tap to wake and glance screen are missing. I dont understand why double tap to wake wouldnt work. Glance screen is due to the lack of a
    AMOLED display.
    guruprasad2013 likes this.
    09-25-2013 06:47 AM
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