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    Hi All, I got my L520 a month ago... it's my first smartphone. I'm incredibly pleased with it. I've been lurking here and feel I've learned a lot.

    I have an ATT branded phone that I'm using with Straight Talk. My phone got what I think was the Amber update. I have Tap to wake (it works!) and most of the other features. I think I'd like to have Data Sense, but ATT blocks it. I've read about flashing with unbranded firmware but I have questions...

    Is Data Sense worth it? I know this is a judgement call.

    Are there other benefits to flashing besides the joy of liberating my phone from ATT?

    Does my phone need to be unlocked before I flash it?

    I've seen many product codes and firmware available for my specific phone RM-915 3043.0000.1324.0001 How do I choose an appropriate (the best) firmware to flash with?

    Will I still get the Amber update if I flash now?

    How do I back up my contacts before flashing? What about my apps and settings?

    Should I remove my Straight Talk sim before flashing?

    And finally something to give back. When I first started using my phone I would get about 1.75 - 2 days of battery before it would shutdown. The Battery app showed my rate at 2.5% / hour discharge. I've been experimenting and if I turn off my location services, my rate drops to 1.7% / hr. I can go a full 3 days without charging. Of course if I need my location, I just turn it on.

    Thanks in advance,

    12-09-2013 10:43 AM

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