02-19-2014 06:33 AM
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  1. gameson's Avatar
    Currently at frys, there is a sale for Nokia 520 for $40 + tax.

    I am considering to buy this phone for my dad who is currently use a Samsung Galaxy S (the first Galaxy S1).

    This phone has a 512 MB, which is the exact same RAM as the 520. This S1 phone is awfully god damn SLOW as a turtle. It takes literally 5-10 sec to open an app. I am looking to replace his phone anytime because it's so slow. The first option is to give him my iPhone 4S once iPhone 6 is out, but that would be at least 6 months away...

    My dad does not use phone for games, etc, so he uses smartphone as a feature phone, but he probably needs Skype, Whatsapp, which I see is already available.

    Does this phone have bloatwares like Android? If so, can I remove / uninstall it?

    In this case, how does 520 perform with its 512 MB RAM? If it's worth $40?

    Obviously 4S also has 512 MB RAM but iOS platform is so efficient that 512 MB RAM with iOS 7 does not make the 4S feels slow at all. To my naked eyes, 4S has ~ the same experience as the 5 and 5S in term of responsiveness.

    The important thing is that easiness to use and not slow as sometime he loses patience over the Galaxy S.
    02-17-2014 12:37 PM
  2. mjrtoo's Avatar
    The 520 is an amazing phone. I have one as a backup/travel phone and enjoy using it a lot. It is a quick phone, that's part of the beauty of WP, the experience is pretty much the same between devices high-end or low, snappy interface is assured.

    I think it's easier to use than an android, and I think it would be perfect for your Dad. A little learning curve coming from android, but the basics are easy to understand.
    02-17-2014 12:41 PM
  3. Gabriel Camuso's Avatar
    Is it a budget phone? Yes, indeed. Does it feels a budget phone? No!

    I use it as my main phone and I can assure you that it is a great device in every aspect. What it lose if compared to Lumia 920? Honestly... You lose so few that it is ridiculous to buy another Lumia than the Lumia 520. Just to you have an idea, it can run minion rush with very few lag...

    Do you like Iphone 4S performance? You get the same here (if not better)! And with Windows Phone 8.1 just down the corner you will get the missing parts of current Windows Phone as soon as it arrives!

    Honestly, for this price? Buy it.
    02-17-2014 12:57 PM
  4. Jason Papapanagiotakis's Avatar
    I gifted a Lumia 520 to my mother for Christmas and she is very happy with it for her basic usage (email , light browsing , radio , skype , weather check) .
    For that price I don't think you can go wrong.
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    02-17-2014 01:07 PM
  5. Sportacus11's Avatar
    I personally did the 4s to 520 jump, and I don't regret it one bit. My 520 is every bit as fast and performs better in most situation's.

    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 520 using Tapatalk
    02-17-2014 01:09 PM
  6. xandros9's Avatar
    Bloatware depends on the carrier, but do know it can be uninstalled very easily if there is any.

    WP devices perform very well on 512 MB of RAM, and without a doubt $40 (assuming it is USD) is an insane deal, one I would bite if I saw it.

    It sounds like a good fit.
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    02-17-2014 01:42 PM
  7. gameson's Avatar
    Thank you all for the feedback. I see that 520 has 8 GB on board memory. After the OS, how many GB are left?

    Also, for bloatware removal, does it require any root (like Android)?

    02-17-2014 02:01 PM
  8. MameTozhio's Avatar
    Thank you all for the feedback. I see that 520 has 8 GB on board memory. After the OS, how many GB are left?

    Also, for bloatware removal, does it require any root (like Android)?

    About 4 GB and some you can't remove, but some you can. There is no root equivalent for Nokia WP8 devices.. yet
    02-17-2014 02:04 PM
  9. xandros9's Avatar
    To remove bloatware, you uninstall it as easily as any other app (excluding system apps like Phone, Office, Settings of course)
    02-17-2014 03:21 PM
  10. Shawn Magm's Avatar
    You can't get much better than $40. That's about the lowest price I've seen.

    If it's important for your dad to have a front facing camera, the 520 won't fly. It would be better for you to give him the 4S.

    It's definitely worth $40, and even with only 512 MB of RAM, it's very responsive.
    02-17-2014 05:54 PM
  11. shmsnh's Avatar
    Other than the lack of a front camera for Skype, the phone should satisfy every aspect you're looking at. My phone is as smooth as it was when I bought it. All apps (excluding system apps) can be removed with two taps. As for the memory, the OS takes 1.9 GB of the available 7.2 GB. Windows Phone 8.1 is supposedly bringing the ability to install apps on a microSD card, in case you're worried about running out of space.
    02-18-2014 11:02 AM
  12. colinkiama's Avatar
    If you want a front facing camera and flash, get a 620 if you don't mind then get a 520. The whole os is silky smooth so you don't have to worry about the boot up of skype or whatsapp. I guarantee, 5 seconds maximum.
    02-18-2014 02:24 PM
  13. LTTG's Avatar
    I think a 620 or a 720 would be a better choice because they have a front facing camera and a flash, but the 520 is a great device and worth every penny, 512MB RAM is more than enough for Windows Phone.
    A 720 user.
    02-18-2014 02:41 PM
  14. prakash386's Avatar
    As everyone else explained, the only feature missing from this phone is the front facing camera. It is quick (thought I would not describe it as lighting fast) and better responsive than the 4s with ios7.
    Whatsapp especially is optimized for the os and runs extremely smooth (resuming takes 2-4 seconds sometimes but that's only couple of times a day).
    For the price, you cannot go wrong. And please don't even compare it with the android crap. I have a high end android phone and it feels lagging at times.
    Windows phone does not need high specs to work perfectly (as does ios).
    02-18-2014 02:48 PM
  15. Stokesperc1's Avatar
    Bought the 520 for my fiance. She loves it. Only nick I give it is lack of front facing camera as well. Would definitely be willing to pay a little more for this feature. But for $40, can't complain.
    02-18-2014 02:55 PM
  16. sunnybyday's Avatar
    My Wife moved from LG Optimus to Galaxy S to Lumia 520. She is on a prepaid carrier H2O. She is a non technical person and picked up WP very quickly. She thinks the Lumia 520 is way faster than her Galaxy S and finds WP easier to use. She uses Skype (for international calls - remember there is no FFC here), Facebook, Whatsapp, News apps, weather apps and a few others I don't remember. Has full offline GPS maps on SD card and a bunch of songs there. This phone is the most value for money device in the market today - you can't get wrong with it once you know its limitations (no FFC, flash and 8gb memory)
    02-18-2014 02:56 PM
  17. nakialj's Avatar
    Whatever fits your father needs. Let him see a collection of Nokia Lumia phones to determine his decision.
    02-18-2014 02:57 PM
  18. Firdaus Fauzi1's Avatar
    the 620 has a better screen than 520 and 525, plus it has a front facing camera.

    btw, Lumia 625 is a slightly better choice as it has better processor ie 1.2 GHz instead of only 1ghz on 520 and 620. So apps won't take very long time to load.
    02-18-2014 03:03 PM
  19. sunnybyday's Avatar
    the 620 has a better screen than 520 and 525, plus it has a front facing camera.

    btw, Lumia 625 is a slightly better choice as it has better processor ie 1.2 GHz instead of only 1ghz on 520 and 620. So apps won't take very long time to load.
    I see quite a few guys suggesting Lumia 620 / 625 over Lumia 520. OP seems to be from US - the Lumia 625 and Lumia 620, 525 are not a choice for him (unless you are on AIO and can get 620). For him, Lumis 520 is the best bet.
    02-18-2014 03:34 PM
  20. Tony_Offends_U's Avatar
    620 going for $80 on AIO Wireless at the moment. I think you might have to get service with it which is $40 BUT since it's prepaid you don't have to pay on it afterward (even thought it's pretty damn decent service).
    02-18-2014 05:41 PM
  21. Oubeid's Avatar
    Skype with no front facing cam!! Bad choice buddy!! A guess the 620 is a better choice!! A little small but a better screen, flash an front facing camera..
    02-18-2014 07:41 PM
  22. DiLioPi's Avatar
    I just recently switched from my Samsung Galaxy S4 to Lumia 520. Doesn't feel sluggish at all. In fact, my S4 crashed a lot more than my Lumia. Most apps runs as good as the phones with more than 512MB RAM. If you are concern about the storage, the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 promises app install to SD card.
    02-18-2014 08:12 PM
  23. Nikhil Meher's Avatar
    520 is good with 512mb RAM but 525 is even better. i have used both 520, 525 and both are awesome.
    02-18-2014 09:42 PM
  24. Himanshu Chowdhary's Avatar
    your dad will enjoy the ease layout of windows phone 8 (soon ) , one can easily remove the bloat ware and get some more space , SD card is also available , so he can easily transfer all his fav music , pictures or download from xbox music store / nokia store . he would love to use here drive in his car (just set it to fastest route available ), Skype is OK but lacks a front facing camera , so he can enjoy audio calls or have video mode by rear camera :)
    my mom found android lil complicated , lots of icons , widgets made her confused , so I made her switch to best windows phone available ,luma 520;
    she found the tile interface easy to use and charming , very fluid(these are her words) and my 3 year old nephew can also use this phone(launch kid's corner and play games ).apps open in a snap , check out the Lumia 520 review here :- Lumia 520 Review - The most affordable Nokia Windows Phone | Windows Phone Central
    02-18-2014 11:13 PM
  25. PepsimanLeh's Avatar
    I've seen people using 520, I think its a great budget phone. You can't miss this kind of promotion! It offers everything you need in WP.
    However, as a 620 user, I would say its better than 520. If there isn't much price difference, why don't consider 620?
    02-18-2014 11:35 PM
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