1. nyolc8's Avatar
    So I just noticed that I get a small red pixel in the bottom right corner if there is anything bright appears on the screen in that same pixel column. The red pixel brightness changes how many pixels are bright in that column. I made a quick drawing and example to understand me:

    (the column is not visible on the phone, I just draw it to understand me)


    Is this a screen problem? Or more than that? If the screen is black (for example: I'm in settings or home screen) then no red pixel. If I move anything bright (by scrolling or opening IE, or anything else) in that pixel column, then red pixel appears there. Also if the whole screen is bright, even the bottom of it, then there is no red pixel.
    03-12-2014 09:48 AM
  2. Curtieson's Avatar
    Go to IE...and open a new tab. That will give you a blank and bright screen...the pixel should turn red. Take a screen capture of that (Start/Windows key + Power) and upload that screen grab to OneDrive.

    Go look at the picture from your PC/another phone then on OneDrive and see if the pixel turns up red there too.

    If it is a screen issue (I agree, it 99% sounds like a dying pixel in the screen) you will NOT see red when you view your screen grab from a second device.

    If it IS a dying/dead pixel...you either 1) live with it or 2) get a warranty replacement if that is an option.
    03-12-2014 10:49 AM
  3. nyolc8's Avatar
    I already checked, it's not getting saved on screenshots. So I thought it's a stuck pixel too... BUT it only appears if there is something bright over it on the screen but the red pixel itself is on a dark background. The red pixel changes it's brightness dynamicaly as I move bright things on the screen. It's somehow connected with the whole pixel column over it.

    The service will change only the screen? The warranty replacement means a brand new phone or a refurbished one?
    03-12-2014 11:02 AM
  4. Curtieson's Avatar
    The service will change only the screen? The warranty replacement means a brand new phone or a refurbished one?
    It depends on who covers the phone (some people buy coverage through a carrier / store, and they would get a brand new phone). I'd hope you didn't buy supplemental insurance on a phone that cost under $100 brand new, as the deductibles are normally more than that.

    I am assuming your phone is somewhat newer and you plan to send to Nokia. If that is the case, I'd expect it to take a couple weeks (10-25 days) and I would think they would just change the screen but I would go in with the understanding you will need to set your phone up from scratch when you get it back (It knows which apps you have, but currently you lose all your app data; like game saves)
    03-12-2014 12:05 PM
  5. nyolc8's Avatar
    Yes, I thinking of a nokia care service (the phone is under warranty it just 1 month old), btw the phone screen have another defect, a light leak at the bottom. A screen replacing will fix that too, right?
    03-12-2014 12:15 PM

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