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    Hi Everyone,

    I love the WP operating system as well as the Lumia line of smartphones by Nokia. I'm looking forward towards buying my first WP smartphone very soon (probably the 925 or 1320). I love the minimalistic beauty of WP. Even on a budget device like the 520, it looks stunning.

    Anyways, I have a little question. My cousin has a Lumia 520. And a few days before, I noticed that if I try to add a contact with a long name in the phonebook, it shows up truncated on the Incoming and Outgoing call screens, whether the phone's unlocked or locked.

    For example, if I save a sample contact with a name as DEAN JOHN WINCHESTER (firstname middlename surname), and try to call it or recieve a call from it, the incoming and outgoing call screens only display a part of it (Dean Winche, in the example mentioned). This remains the same regardless of how I choose to display the contact or have it sorted in the list.

    I just want to know, it there a way around it, or that's just how it is? I'm also assuming that maybe this happens because the 520 has both a small screen and low resolution. Perhaps the full name would be displayed on a bigger screen device like the 925, 1320 or 1520.

    Thanks :)
    03-18-2014 05:31 AM

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