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    I have been using the 520 as a music player only. I have a 920 for phone and have Xbox music. I constantly need to do a hard reset to get Xbox music to work. I often get the error message that it is still trying to get the license and if I see this message to delete the song. This is impossible, because I am trying to stream it from there service. I am connect, because I can download the song, it still wont play. Getting help is impossible, because if you search for Xbox music, on Microsoft site, you will get everything related to Xbox. I am moving to Android. Nokia cannot seem to get the phones right. They always leave out a feature.

    The musuc was I typo. Also clarify, I hate needing to use a separate device for music. I can get the new HTC one with 32GB and put a 128GB card into it. I am tired of making compromises with Windows Phone.
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    03-28-2014 11:53 AM
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    I'm also having problems with the music service.
    Transferring music from my computer that I downloaded to my L520 is difficult, the song and artist names don't even appear, and I haven't yet found a way around this. Also Mix Radio offline mixes don't play most of the time and when they do it takes like 10 minutes for one to load up.
    This is a great phone but I'm very disappointed with the music service, I thought it would be much better than this and I haven't found any help to solve these issues.
    03-30-2014 05:31 PM

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