1. LumiaWorld's Avatar
    520 user here... I've had this problem ever since I got my phone lol...

    Images load so slooow on the official twitter app... Searching for something takes long too. Am I the ONLY ONE who has such problem?
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    10-28-2014 03:18 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    May we know what your old phone was? Any changes in carrier? 3G/4G accessibility and services? using WiFi?

    Looks like a suspect case of low data transfer over the network.
    10-28-2014 06:48 AM
  3. LumiaWorld's Avatar
    This is my first smartphone... Nope, I didn't change my carrier. I'm not using 3G... I'm only using WiFi.

    Do you think this has something to do with the low RAM of the 520?
    10-28-2014 08:14 AM
  4. gpobernardo's Avatar
    It's possible that the RAM is the limiting factor here, but I don't remember having serious lag issues in my previous HTC 8s (also with 512MB of RAM). If it's lagging with respect to performance (sluggishness, unresponsiveness, and the like), then it's RAM. But if the phone remains snappy and the photos are simply not loading immediately, then it might be network-related.
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    10-28-2014 08:43 AM
  5. Nabkawe5's Avatar
    Its an optimization issue coupled with an IE issue with picks and gifs somehow ie11 is worst than IE10, btw most apps sometimes use IE to render stuff I think twitter is amongst them.
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    10-28-2014 08:48 AM
  6. Xrzysiek's Avatar
    It's not because of low ram, on my 640XL its the same... another reason to say goodbye to Windows Phone
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    06-08-2015 04:04 PM
  7. dirrtydavid's Avatar
    Same here with the 735, tapping the image will load it, but hit back and it'll show as loading again.
    06-11-2015 01:08 AM
  8. Yakup Allak's Avatar
    Also using 640 LTE and it's unbeliavebly slow even use very fast WLAN. It's not because of the network, because of either app itself or the hardware. Shame on Microsoft, Lumia, Nokia whatsoever.
    01-13-2016 06:43 AM

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