1. Enrile Fariz Fakhriza's Avatar
    I've already updated my L520, after updated the sofware ordered me to restart it, but after restarted, my phone just appears the ''Nokia'' in the screen and then blank, i think this is booting problem, then i use the way hard reset, i've done but the screen appears the gears rotating mark and the white line below the gears rotating mark doesn't move, is this booting problem or the updating has not finished yet ? somebody help me please, i need solution
    01-15-2015 12:37 AM
  2. dKp1977's Avatar
    If it's showing the cogs, my guess would be that it hasn't finished updating yet. How long did you wait for the bar to move? This can take quite some time.
    01-15-2015 02:31 AM
  3. Harrie-S's Avatar
    1 If the battery level is to low it also will not start the update.
    2 Some times if it is stuck on the cogs getting the SD card out helps to get it "going".
    I hope it is one of above, otherwise use the Lumia software recover tool.
    01-15-2015 05:06 AM
  4. Enrile Fariz Fakhriza's Avatar
    do you know that if we want to hard reseting, after the exclamation mark then it will show cogs rotating although you don't update it. i've waited the bar for whole day but the bar hasn't moved yet. let me explain, actually i've updated it then the software ordered me to restart it, but after i restarted it, the screen just appeared the ''Nokia'' and then blank. then i used the way hard reseting which we press the volume down and power simultaneously till it vibrates, then press the volume down till the screen appeared the exclamation mark, the the other pressing till the screen appears the cogs rotating, but till now the bar hasn't moved yet. then the problem is, is the clog rotating mark still updating or is it hard reseting ? although i've updated it
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    01-15-2015 05:12 AM
  5. Harrie-S's Avatar
    This is how it should work.
    1 You check manual on phone updates or your phone gives a notification that there is an update.
    2 You down load it and after downloading your phone "prepares" your phone for the installation.
    3 Your phone will "ask" you if you want to install.
    4 If you agree the phone will shutdown and restart and the cogs will show up and the bar under the cogs will show the progress.
    5 If the update is ready then you see a notification that the update is installed.
    6 If you go further the phone still will do some updating.
    7 You see the lockscreen
    8 If you now go directly to the app list you still will see that some apps need to be installed. (that's normal)
    9 All done.

    If the battery level before point 4 is to low you will get a message about it.
    If the phone "finds" out during point 4 (after you gave the okay) your phone will not start the update.

    So I am not sure but I do not think the update was allready installed.

    If you do a hard reset than also after the shutdown and start up you will see cogs.
    01-15-2015 05:43 AM
  6. Enrile Fariz Fakhriza's Avatar
    that is exactly what i experienced, but when i see the lockscreen the the software ordered me to restart, is there normally updating the software ordered us to restart ?
    01-15-2015 06:05 AM
  7. Harrie-S's Avatar
    It's possible, I made the list out of my head because last time I did an update was about a year ago.
    01-15-2015 06:31 AM
  8. Enrile Fariz Fakhriza's Avatar
    and now the problem is till now the bar won't move, i'm tired with this bar
    01-15-2015 09:33 AM
  9. dKp1977's Avatar
    In this case it really seems your device is bricked. So I recommend, what Harry already said: use Nokia's recovery software.
    01-15-2015 09:58 AM
  10. Enrile Fariz Fakhriza's Avatar
    yes i will, i hope that it will work, thanks for your advice guys
    01-15-2015 10:04 AM

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