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    I'm using Lumia 520 i tried installing windows 10 but instead of that it installed windows 10 fast configuration.
    when it completely installed...
    i saw many changes that is

    1) I can't change the background tile image bcoz there was no such option in themes.
    2) In lock screen setting i can't see option of adding mail, calendar, .... etc
    3) in about it was showing OS installed windows 10 Technical preview installed.

    I used it hole day and also tried updating but their was no update available ....
    many times during day i rebooted my phone it got rebooted

    next morning ( today ) wen i switch my mobile i saw a blue screen showing

    some file " x000 some Number " is missing kindly use windows recovery tool to rollback and re install the OS.

    I also WRT software but it is not detecting my phone ...

    it shows that blue screen and turn off

    what should i do ?

    PlZ HELP ME :-(
    05-08-2015 12:09 AM

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