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    Hello there,

    My Lumia 520's screen is cracked at the lower right hand corner - it's not a massive crack, yet my touch screen is unresponsive. It seems that everything else is fine, as I still get texts, Whatsapp messages and weather updates. It's a shame since I've been very happy with the phone ever since I got it two years ago. The funny thing is, when I received a call from someone I was actually able to click the answer button and take the call. I'm not sure how that happened, maybe the touch screen works in some areas and not in others.

    Is there anything that could be done that won't cost more time, money and effort than simply getting a new phone? I am assuming I would need to replace the touch screen digitizer as well as the plastic lens, I was looking at some options on eBay but, again, I'm not too sure whether the whole operation will be worth it. A touch screen digitizer replacement kit costs about 10, but it's probably quite difficult and finicky to replace it, and not too sure whether at that price it will hold up for long.

    Anyone more experienced care to share their opinion?

    09-15-2015 01:11 PM

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