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    Currently taking my Nokia Lumia to a service center is not an an option, because my warranty papers are in a different town, and I need at least a week or more to get them. But anyway, here is my problem:

    About a month ago, the phone suddenly bricked. I knew the battery recently was draining quicker so it must have been going faulty. One day it was showing that I have about about 50% percent of the battery left, but a few hours later with WiFi and everything off, It was totally bricked. I couldn't do any of the resets and PC would not even recognise it. Then I took it to a my service guy, and he said the battery was just completely empty and that it looks like it bloated a little, so it probably won't last that long after he charges it again. He charged it, and it was fine for about a month. Then one time when it got fully charged, I checked some thing on it, and a few minutes later I plugged in the charger again. Phone completely bricked, again. So, I bought a new battery. At first it was not working, but I thought it just needs more hours to get it to charge. This time i was using my friends Nokia charger. About an hour later, I still couldn't get it to work. I took out the battery, put it in again, and managed to turn it on! Minutes later, I plugged the charger back in (this time I was using my old one), and the second I plugged it in, again It went completely dead...
    That got me thinking, since I didn't realize it then, could my charger just be killing batteries like that. I mean, there was no obvious sign of short circuit or something like that. Also, since I got the new battery just a few days ago and I have a 3 month warranty on it, I'm afraid to just bring it back since I presume that they won't accept the warranty if my charger is faulty?
    This has be bugging me for quite some time, the battery connectors in the back seem fine, didn't try to tweak them, and the phone had no contact with water or humidity.
    ANY advice is helpful.

    Thank you.
    03-18-2016 06:35 AM

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