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    So I'm currently using this amazing invisible phone (weighs nothing too), and I've set my sights on a Windows Phone. (I've gotten a used HD2, but it overheats a bit too frequently to be useful)

    But anyways, I've seen the 521 as a potential option but also I've considered scoring an older WP7 device. (which would be even cheaper if used)

    How would the 521 stack up, not against today's high end like the 92x's, but up against the mid-range/high-ends from the last couple of years? (in terms of feature-set i guess) Because all I've seen is that it's good quality for the price which doesn't really mean too much to me. (Did any 1st gen WP7 have oleophobic coating or stuff like that?)

    And i've acquired a sort of mentality lately of getting an older refurb/used high-end of something as opposed to the new cheap ones. (my $350, already 3-4 years old, refurbished ThinkPad is serving me much better than my previous cheap netbook around the same price point)

    And I don't know if that mentality will work well with the WP7/8 gap. I'm in no rush, so perhaps I could wait for the next generation to come in...

    now kind of an unfounded fear: can I expect 512 MB WP devices to work decently? Because I used to have an iPod touch with 256 MB of RAM (when the iPhone had 512) and it was a real pain. Loading more than 2-4 tabs in Safari would cause them to all be reloaded, it couldn't hold more than a couple apps in RAM. Given the polish WP has seen, RAM shouldn't really be a problem for apps (except some heavy games) right?

    Does the WP8 calendar work with EAS tasks?

    05-26-2013 01:19 PM
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    Answers to these sorts of questions are always going to be a bit subjective, so I will give you my opinion.

    All the new Nokias, even the low-end ones, are well-made. The 512Mb RAM in the cheaper phones is not normally a concern in day to day use unless (as you say) you want to run top end games. If I compare the L620 (WP8) and the L800 (WP7.8) that are in my house, the L800 definitely feels more solid and better-made but the L620 is more responsive. The L800 has better sound quality (not hugely so IMO) but the L620 has better battery life. The L800 has a better screen and camera, the L620 can take a microSD card.

    However what swings the situation for me is that in six to nine months time the L620 will still have new apps being written for it, but the situation with the WP7.x devices is less clear.

    WP8 is fine with EAS tasks.
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    05-26-2013 03:41 PM

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