1. Tony_Offends_U's Avatar
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130626_005.jpg  
    06-26-2013 08:09 PM
  2. will c1's Avatar
    The sucks. I bought a rubberized case from Amazon as soon as I got the phone and also a screen protector. Total price like 10 bucks. Of course drops are the luck of the draw.
    06-26-2013 08:24 PM
  3. Tony_Offends_U's Avatar
    Yeah, $150 gone. Still got the L920 and that's all protected with the cases and whatnot.
    What actually happened was my dad ran it over, still makes calls and the screen works perfectly, just the glass is done for.
    06-26-2013 08:29 PM
  4. will c1's Avatar
    For the price you paid what are you going to do with it?
    06-26-2013 08:39 PM
  5. Tony_Offends_U's Avatar
    Since it's just the glass I'm sure I can get it fixed for cheap.
    06-26-2013 08:48 PM
  6. xandros9's Avatar
    at least until then you could say its spiderman's phone
    06-26-2013 08:55 PM
  7. JesterHS's Avatar
    And throw a red backing on it!

    Sorry to hear about your phone.
    06-28-2013 10:57 AM
  8. Erick Longoria's Avatar
    was the drop pretty bad? how did it happen?
    07-02-2013 02:17 AM
  9. Oakdale Dude's Avatar
    Awww...the good always seem to die young.
    07-02-2013 03:30 PM

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