07-10-2014 03:38 PM
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    It's become my new "Lean On" device. I used to lean on my Berry. That is, when the going got rough, I pulled out the Berry and got business done by really leaning on it. Flights, schedules, Twitter posts, Linkedin, emails, texts and phone calls all flowing through at the speed of light. I really think that Windows Phone 8 has it nailed with regard to smooth operation under pressure.

    Here is my bottom line as I have boiled it down to brass tacks in the last six months:

    iPhone; Too many icons on too many screens with no way to hide them and no ease of methodology to direct business with the phone. No customization available to effect work flow through the device.

    Android: Too cluttered. Too many ways to customize. Not enough set structure in the architecture for the device to allow me to flow my business through the phone with tact and speed.

    Blackberry Legacy: Although great in the day, now too restrictive. Screen size, BIS Architecture and keyboard combined with the old BBerry OS make it difficult to do all MODERN business effectively. If only emailing, calling and Texting, it's fine. Add power use of LInkedin, Twitter and Documents and you have an issue of speed and clarity.

    Windowsphone: Spot on with regard to how to direct Business through the phone. Email, Telephony, Twitter, Linkedin, and Texts all drive through with seamless and effortless clarity. Home Screen easily customized to your liking and moving documents, and information through the phone is almost too easy. Meaning you sometimes wonder, "Did I really just do all that on a PHONE?" 'Nuff said.
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    07-07-2014 03:48 PM
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    And finally today, I realized I no longer prefer a physical QWERTY Keyboard.
    I can't believe I actually just typed that. YES, I actually PREFER my Nokia WP8 Virtual Keyboard over my Legacy Berry's Physical Keyboard. Good Lord, alert the media.

    The WindowsPhone Virtual Keyboard has me spoiled with auto-correcting that seems to read my mind, and the seemingly lightning fast typing style I have devised over months of replying to emails and Twitter/Linkedin.

    I tried using my old Berry yesterday and I felt like I had a chisel and stone in my hand compared to the Nokia.

    I NEVER thought I'd have EVER said this. Sure, I thought I would perhaps someday be as accurate as I was on my Berry, but I can say, I'm just as accurate now on the Nokia AND much faster.

    This whole experience has reminded me of something my Physics Professor said on day one of his class when I was in College;
    "The Greatest Barrier To Learning Is What You Think You Already Know."

    True. I thought I had reached the apex of productivity with my Legacy Berry. And if technology had not progressed and services like Twitter and LinkedIn had not proliferated, perhaps I would have. But opening myself up to actually TRYING to use the WP8 Nokia really changed my paradigm.

    And I mean BIG TIME.
    07-10-2014 03:38 PM
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