1. Guytronic's Avatar
    Never have been a large fan of earbuds even the really good ones.

    I was recently surprised to find out the L521 will push my Sennheiser HD280 cans at good volume!
    This low cost phone seems to still have tricks up the sleeve after having it for a couple of months now.

    I guess I'll see if my Beyerdynamic DT-880's will be listenable too.
    The Beyers are tough to drive.
    12-08-2013 07:36 PM
  2. berrydroidapple's Avatar
    I've only had mine a few days now, my Android stuff just sits. Seems I find something new each day, love this little phone. Next step something a little larger

    Galaxy S2,Nook HD, Chromebook, and Nokia 521
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    12-08-2013 08:09 PM
  3. Guytronic's Avatar
    You may have to change yer name to:
    winberry droidapple
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    12-08-2013 08:40 PM
  4. berrydroidapple's Avatar
    Didn't even think of that, lol.

    Galaxy S2,Nook HD, Chromebook, and Nokia 521
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    12-08-2013 08:46 PM
  5. jmshub's Avatar
    I like my AudioTechnica ATH-M50 cans.
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    12-08-2013 08:53 PM
  6. CrossedFaith's Avatar
    I like my ear buds.

    Seriously though, this little phone is a beast. The audio is very impressive. My blackberry is collecting dust in my drawer, along with my HTC android phone.

    Definitely need a bigger screen though...but all in all, I'm very impressed with this phone.
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    12-08-2013 10:48 PM
  7. calfee20's Avatar
    I have a Bose noise reduction Headset. They work great with plenty of volume. They do have their own power though, one AAA battery. The battery lasts quite a while. I like the FM radio because if there is going to be bad weather the need to find a working FM radio is gone. One less thing to worry about.
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    12-09-2013 09:18 AM
  8. xratola's Avatar
    I use my Sennheiser OCX-685 they work pretty well :P
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    12-09-2013 09:28 AM
  9. Ahmaria Stephens's Avatar
    What kind of headphones work for Nokia 521? None that I've tried work at all and I want the one that is for the iPhone so I can talk and listen to music
    02-26-2014 10:10 AM

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